Farkle Flip Card Game from Patch Products Teens Tweens Product Review

There’s no dice to roll in Patch’s new version of Farkle. In Farkle Flip The Quick-Grabbing, Risk-Taking Card Game, Patch puts a new spin on the popular family game by turning it into a card game. Players flip cards over, hoping to make combinations to help them win using their own cards or another player’s cards. If a player draws a Farkle, they lose their points for that round. But they can score those Farkle cards later – definitely a new twist on Farkle.

As with any new game that your children play, there is going to be a learning curve. And since Farkle Flip isn’t exactly a simple board game, that learning curve may take a few more minutes than you would have hoped for. Here’s the deal, while there are elements of good old fashioned dice Farkle involved, Farkle Flip is a pretty unique twist on the original. Remember, with Farkle Flip, kids are going to play with cards and cards only no dice! Some of the same Farkle concepts are built in, but the gameplay is totally unique. We found that the kids that had more Farkle experience, and we’re a bit older, took more quickly to Farkle Flip than younger children who aren’t quite as familiar with the way numbers work yet. You’ve been warned- Farkle Flip takes a few rounds of getting used to before the fun becomes fast and furious!

No durability concerns here – Farkle Flip is a card based game for older kids – should be no problems with lost cards.

For a card game, Farkle Flip has a lot of visual appeal! It really does! First off, the cards themselves are bright colors with sharp designs. And when a game gets cranked up there really is some fun interaction, so any spectator or passer-by is going to want to jump in for a few round!

Farkle Flip is fun, fast-paced and plays different every time. Can’t get more functional with a card game than that!

Farkle Flip has a retail price of just $6.99. On one hand, some may say that is a bit expensive for a card game, but when you realize you are getting two decks with an unlimited amount of use and fun waiting, you certainly won’t feel like you are paying too much.

The game of Farkle seems to have been around for quite a while now, but the folks at Patch Products aren’t happy just letting a good game rest. They keep coming up with new idea after new twist to keep the game fresh and exciting. From Farkle to Farkle Frenzy and now to Farkle Flip – each new iteration keeps getting more and more interesting. Definitely an original take on a game your kids will love!

Patch Products has done it again – they’ve struck gold with a Farkle! Well – I guess it would be more appropriate for us to say that they earned 5 stars again for another Farkle! Yes, the first time your kids take a run at Farkle Flip there is going to be a learning curve, a period of adjustment, as they learn the ins and outs on the game play itself. But once they have that figured out, the fast-paced fun begins. No durability issues, no pricing issues. Farkle Flip is a special, original take on a game that your children already know and love. Now they can love Farkle even a bit more thanks to Patch Products and their awesome new card game Farkle Flip!

Manufacturer: Patch Products
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $6.99
On the Web: www.patchproducts.com
Buy It Here: www.patchproducts.com