Sequin Wristlet from Little More Charming Teens & Tweens Product Review

There’s more than meets the eye with the Sequin Wristlet from Little More Charming! This clever Wristlet has an inside pocket and zips closed. An outside pocket on the back is the perfect size for a cell phone! The delicate buckle strap can hold up to six special Little More Charming charms. 5 1/2″ wide by 4″ tall. 6 styles to choose from – including:

  • Peace Sign Wristlet with Blue & Purple Sequins
  • Yin Yang Wristlet with Red and Black Sequins
  • Cherries Wristlet with Silver, Green and Red Sequins
  • Musical Note Wristlet with Purple and Silver Sequins
  • Purple Sequin Wristlet with Pink Crown
  • Orange Sequin Wristlet with Pink Polka Dots

  • Teenage and tweenage girls and any type of purse or purse-like accessory while inevitable and necessary are not necessarily a good mix. Moms – you know what we are talking about – you guys are rough on your bags…just imagine how your little lady will treat it. All in all, the Sequin Wristlets are made well, but we’re talking zippers, straps and sequins. Think about how many times a day, no wait, how many times an hour they are going to pull out their cell phones?! These Wristlets are going to take a beating and can only stand-up to so much of it!

    Little More Charming offers 6 fun and sassy Wristlet styles – there’s certain to be one perfect for your girl. Plus, Little More Charming encourages girls to customize the strap of their Wristlet with any of a number of charms to add just enough personalization to make it their own. Super cute!

    Little More Charming’s Sequin Wristlets aren’t exactly huge, but then again a Wristlet isn’t supposed to be. The back pocket can hold a phone nicely, and the main pocket has enough room for some money and keys. It’s not big enough to hold a lot more, but it should hold enough for them to get by.

    Here’s the thing…the Sequin Wristlet is priced a bit higher to begin with than we would have hoped for. At $15 this is about $5 more than we would have liked for a Wristlet for our kids that is ultimately going to get pretty beat up. Then when you add up to 5 or 6 Rhinestone Charms at $2 – $5 a piece and suddenly we’re talking a pretty pricey little accessory for your child. And yes, we know designer Wristlets can go for a lot more, but we wouldn’t necessarily be buying those for our girls either!

    Sure we’ve seen accessories, purses and the likes targeted towards this age range – but none that look quite like this! We love the look – the sequin style is sure to be a hit with your girl. And we like that you can add your own selection of charms. Nice originality in design!

    We know that your teenage or tweenage girl will love these Sequin Wrislets. The fun styles are perfect for the age range, and the customization of the strap makes them that much more special. Price is more than we like, and after some serious use the Wristlet is going to show some wear. If you know those bits of info going in, you’ll be able to enjoy the smile on your girl’s face that much more when you let her pick one out!

    Manufacturer: Little More Charming, LLC
    Recommended Age: 8 years and up
    Retail Price: $15.00
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