Reader Rabbit: Let’s Learn from The Learning Company Kindergarten & 1st Grade Kids Product Review

The Reader Rabbit: Let’s Learn Kindergarten and First Grade Workbooks feature 64-page workbooks designed to help Kindergarten and First-Grade students with reading skills in the new method of educating young people today: blending traditional pencil-and-paper skill-building activities with online components.

Each workbook can be registered online, where parents and kids will find a collection of free digital games in addition to a downloadable version of the book that parents can access and print at their convenience. At the completion of the workbook, children can download a special certificate to honor their good work. It’s designed to be an affirming, confidence-building experience for young learners!

Reading and learning with your Kindergartener and 1st Grader can be fun…it can be rewarding…but one thing it is not is easy! Yet even with the difficulty involved in working with and teaching your child to read, the rewards definitely outnumber the issues. With that said, The Learning Company’s Reader Rabbit series can be a valuable tool for you to work with your child on learning, then building on the skills required to read. The activities are designed so that with a little work and guidance, your child will be able to complete them. You will not be able to hand over the workbook and let them go, but if you do work with them you’ll see that sparks, which will lead to progress, which will help put your child on the path to reading fun.

The workbooks also include access to an online component of games (and downloadable replacement worksheets). Your kids will also need your help here.

Obviously with a workbook, once the work is completed the sheets themselves become obsolete. We love love love that The Learning Company makes all of these pages available online so you can reprint them and have your child rework them.

The Reader Rabbit Series has the look and the feel (and the lessons) of the types of work your kids are doing everyday in their Kindergarten and First Grade classes. You’ll love that! They’ll love the adorable, friendly drawings and images that surround all of their learning activities.

Concept, reinforcement, concept reinforcement – the Reader Rabbit Series certainly knows what it is doing from a workbook perspective. Plus, with the online component there is a whole other world for kids to explore that teaches and reinforces those same concepts that they are learning in the book. It can’t get much more functional than that when it comes to a workbook.

Each Reader Rabbit workbook has a suggested retail price of $5.99. For that price you get 64 color pages, stickers, and the website to go online for the additional activities. At the $5.99 price point it wold be hard to argue that you’d be paying too much for all of the benefits.

Of course we’ve seen plenty of learning tools over the years, so it would be hard to call anything in this category totally original. We do love the lessons. And we do love the online component. And yes, we love them both enough to keep this rating on the high side of the originality department!

If you are looking for ways to supplement your child’s education from home (and you better be!), then the Reader Rabbit Workbooks are an excellent tool to use. Of course you’ll be working with your child, so the workbooks aren’t exactly easy on your end, but they are definitely age appropriate. Yes, the workbooks will get written in, but you can reprint every page online for extra practice. The look of the book will entice your child, and the online component will have them asking for more. And all of this sits with a price of just $5.99 – more than fair! Reader Rabbit: Let’s Learn is a great way to reinforce and practice reading at home!

Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Recommended Age: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students
Retail Price: $5.99
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