K’NEX Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Building Set Kids Product Review

Build Mohawk Warrior one of the most popular monster trucks in Monster Jam. This set comes with over 30 parts, including a buildable body shell that works within the K’NEX system. There is also working suspension, big, chunky tires and a K’NEXman driver. Authentic logos and graphics recreate the look of Mohawk Warrior. Once built, the truck represents 1:43 scale and performs like the real thing. You can even use the wedge-shaped box as a ramp. Step-by-step building instructions included. Recommended for builders ages 5+ years.

So…when was the last time you sharpened your block building skills?! I hope it was recently – because if you have a child on the younger end of this recommended age you are going to be building with them! Not that that is necessarily a bad thing – just don’t think you can turn this over to a 5 year old and expect them to take it from there! Children that are older and a bit more experienced following directions, working with K’NEX and LEGOS should have less trouble working on their own. Remember, if you have a younger one, you’ll be building – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Oh durability – never a great category for a buildable-rebuildable toy like K’NEX. It’s not that the pieces themselves fall apart, it’s just that with this creation-configuration – the truck itself is going to break up. Once built your child is going to drive the moster truck, jump the monster truck, and crash the monster truck – and that means building and rebuilding. With that in mind, little pieces tend to get misplaced, and the usefulness of the set is compromised. If you have a child that is careful with their toys (we don’t) then this isn’t an issue. If your child is like most, they are going to end up with missing pieces fairly quickly.

Top scores here for sure! The Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Building Set is a rough and tumble car loving boy’s dream! In the packaging and out this monster truck set is certain to be a hit with your little one.

Build it, rebuild it. Drive it around. Jump it on the included ramp (packaging). Your child will happily keep themselves busy (until a piece is misplaced) with this set.

With a suggested retail price of $7.99 our team found this set right in line with others on the market. The $7.99 price tag makes this a nice add on to a birthday gift, or an easy pick-up for an everyday surprise. Good pricing for sure!

Well, sure we’ve seen plenty of K’NEX and LEGO building sets in our time – hard to call anything in that category completely original. But we just love the Monster Jam theme – and your kids will too! The truck looks awesome built, the figure has a fun mohawk too. The colors are inviting, and the truck rides on a pretty cool suspension that feel real! You can’t recreate K’NEX or LEGOS and call them original – but we can certainly compliment the design!

Overall our team really liked the Monster Jam Mohawk Warrior Building Set. It has all of the buildability of classic K’NEX or LEGOS and a cool, modern, fun design. Yes, your kids are going to build it, crash it, and lose pieces…but as long as you accept that going in you’ll be pleased with the purchase. Plus there’s no question that a little boy (or girl) who loves monster trucks is going to get a real kick out of this set!

Manufacturer: K'NEX
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $7.99
On the Web: www.knex.com