Little Pim Feelings and Colors Book Series Early Multi-Language Learning Tools Product Review

Little Pim Colors incorporates an exciting blend of illustrations and photographs, as well as flaps and pull tabs to keep readers engaged. The stories are told in English, with words featured in Spanish and French. Pronunciation guides for parents are included.

Colorsshowcases colors and objects, weaving its vocabulary into a hide-and-seek story featuring Little Pim, and concludes with a helpful review of the words learned.

Feelings focuses on emotions and expressions, weaving its vocabulary into a hide-and-seek story featuring Little Pim, and concludes with a helpful review of the words learned.

A board book for little ones should be easy, right? Well, if you are undertaking some early learning, like the Little Pim Series does, then handing off the book to your little one to flip through isn’t going to accomplish the learning. Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, caregivers everywhere – you need to be involved! And books like these require some of your attention.

The books themselves are simple for you to read and navigate, with interesting pictures and ideas throughout, mixed with pull tabs and flaps to focus the learning. You’ll need to read the books to your children. You’ll need to repeat the phrases in Spanish and/or French. And for many of the smallest hands you’ll need to guide and encourage the pulling of the tabs and the opening of the flaps.

Since these books require so much parent involvement, we aren’t as concerned with durability as we would be if parents didn’t need to help with the reading. The books themselves are sturdy, with a classic board book feel. However, the parts that keeps the kids interested are the flaps and the tabs, and without supervision your books could end up flap-less and tab-less! You’ve been warned!

Little Pim is cute! Always has been, always will be! The books themselves have a great look – colorful pictures, adorable children sprinkled throughout – all things your kids want to look at.

Functionality is a tough one here for a few reasons. Yes, these books are working to teach kids words in different languages – although Mom and Dad really end up responsible for the lessons. And yes, not just a standard board book, Little Pim incorporates flaps and tabs to keep the kids interesting. Yet, like most books, to a child a book is a book is a book. And they aren’t exactly wrong when they see it that way. Functionality is pretty strong for a book, but alas, it is just a book.

As stingy as we are we like our books for little ones in the $5 range. With a suggested retail price of $8.95 the books within the Little Pim series are quite a bit more. At just under $9 you’ll want to be extra sure to read and interact with your child and the Little Pim books – at that price you definitely don’t want any flaps or tabs ripped off!

Board books aren’t original…and board books with flaps and tabs are really original…We’ve seen language lessons for little ones…and we’ve seen cute stories too! However, in classic Little Pim style, they found a way to put it all together to create a visually interesting, positive learning presentation. The package together is what makes these books a high star earner for originality!

The Little Pim Book Series is a nice addition to your child’s collection of early learning tools. Can you hand a kid these books and expect them to repeat back to you in Spanish and French all of the colors of the rainbow and all of the feelings on the emotional spectrum? No, not exactly. But you can work with your kids and reinforce the lessons. You can sit and enjoy the quiet time and teach and learn as you read. And you can reinforce the language lessons after the books are read to continue to lay a foundation in various languages. We like the Little Pim Book Series and we think you will too!

Manufacturer: Little Pim
Recommended Age: Newborn - 5 years old
Retail Price: $8.95 each
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