An Open Letter to LEGO (No – I’m not happy now!)

Dear Lego Product Development Officer,

Thank you for taking the time to read my earlier letter to you (Left Behind in LEGO-land) and for acting so quickly on it.  I am assuming that you have been reading my blog and following up on all the amazing gender-neutral wallet-friendly toys that are available to care givers and their kids.  I was thrilled when I heard that LEGO was marketing a new set of toys to girls.  My only disappointment was that I couldn’t surprise my smart and savvy seven year old with a shiny new LEGO set in time for the holidays.

With the anticipation building, friends started posting to my facebook page and emailing me old school lego advertisements like this one. My heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

I knew you would come through!  I just knew that your Marketing and Advertising team would remember (like I remember) when they were kids and LEGO was all about imagination and rebuilding, not character based sets that are coveted by kids, but frustratingly put together by parents.  I knew that you had read the comments on my blog and overheard that everywhere I went that people were talking about girls and LEGO.

Finally the day arrived when I would be able to see the brand new LEGO Friends sets.  Officer, imagine my horror when I opened up the LEGO webpage and saw this:


These are LEGO women, voluptuous, scantily-clad LEGO women at that!  Where are the GIRLS for MY GIRL to play with?!  After a few deep breaths, I explored further.  OK, maybe you missed the mark on the figures.  I was expecting the boxy figures like in my sons pirate or Star Wars Sets, but I can work with it as long as the toys are girl-supportive, girl-empowering, or at the very least girl-friendly.

I start to scroll through your website ( and here are some samples of what my brilliant baby girl will have access too:

  • Andrea works at the City Park Café and loves dishing out tasty treats, when she is not singing into her broom and daydreaming of her big performance.
  • Hop into the coolest ride in Heartlake City to pick up the LEGO® Friends for a road trip full of fun and adventure! Stephanie loves cruising in her Cool Convertible. Help her wash it to a sparkle and load her puppy into the backseat! Then take the LEGO Friends to the beauty shop, to the beach, or go on a road trip with the girls!
  • It’s a busy day of beauty fun down at the Butterfly Beauty Shop! Emma loves this posh little salon at the center of Heartlake City! Shop for lipstick, makeup and hair accessories! Emma and all of her friends will look fabulous with bows, sunglasses, a hairbrush, mirror, lipsticks and new hair styles. Get the girls ready for any event with the salon where you can rearrange the interior!
  • Emma is dreaming up her next fancy fashion design. Help her to make new stylish designs for all of the LEGO® Friends! Use her laptop for inspiration and design table with color samples to create fun fashions. She can take photos of her work with the camera. Crank up the tunes with her mp3 player while she creates! Emma has everything she needs to create trendy new dresses and the coolest clothes for all of her friends to wear.


One of the great things about LEGO is the inspiration your blocks provide to imagine and create.  Now I might be wrong, because I never actually bought the set, but this Beauty Shop looks slightly less complicated to create than say ANY OTHER SET EVER RELEASED!  Can our girls not handle it?!

LEGO Officer, you missed the mark.  You got the message but unfortunately you forgot to have actual mothers and daughters attend your focus groups.  Our girls are way too smart for your LEGO Friends Collections.  Please go back and find the LEGO Marketing Department of yesteryear, and then listen to what they think made them so successful and beloved.  My guess it was tools to inspire – not a sad comment on society’s view of women.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you have in store for us.

Warmly (sort of),

Mom On The Run