Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote Set Product Review

Designing a wardrobe for Barbie has never been easier. This Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote features the Compact Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio and markers. Simply use the removable plastic stencils and markers to trace the most glamorous collection of clothing and accessories for Barbie. The instructions provide tips and inspiration on how to color, shade, and add details to make each outfit perfect for Barbie. Finish off and embellish the designs with the foil stickers included in the spiral bound portfolio book. When you’re done designing you can carry all your designs around in the stylish Barbie shoulder tote. This kit includes the shoulder tote, 10 markers and the Barbie Compact Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio featuring 40 sketch pages, 4 removable plastic stencil sheets with 52 stencil designs, 77 foil stickers, and instructions.

The Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote Set is designed for children ages 4 years and up. For kids that fall on the older side of the spectrum, you’ll find no real difficulty getting them started designing. Your little ones that are 4 or 5 are going to need some help learning how to use the stencils and create designs. We always encourage parents to play with their kids, but if you were looking for something to keep the little ones busy without you, don’t be disappointed when you are doing most of the coloring and creating in the beginning.

Durability was a bit of a tricky category for this set. First off, obviously a sketch portfolio will eventually run out as will the foil stickers. Not the biggest problem in the world of course as your kids will be able to use the stencils time and again with regular coloring paper once the pad is used up. We found the markers satisfactory – not the best our kids had, but again, markers are easily replaceable. The tote itself seems a bit on the flimsy side – meaning it will last if your kids take it easy on it. However, if your little lady is a bit rougher with her things, the tote might not hold up as well as they would like for as long as they would like.

No issues here! The Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote Set has the look and feel of something your little girl will love! If your little lady likes Barbie, likes fashion and likes coloring, this set will certainly catch her eye.

In this case, functionality starts to fold in with durability. If your child loves to create art projects, loves to color, design and play with Barbie, then the set packs plenty of function. They’ll be able to design until their heart is content. On the other hand, some kids that aren’t as interested in fashion or design may tend to lose interest more quickly – especially when the foil stickers run out!

On the surface, a retail price of $23.99 isn’t exactly off the charts. However after digging a bit deeper into the set itself, our team felt pricing could have been a bit closer to $15 than to $25. Yes, you’ve got the Barbie name that you are paying for (and that Barbie name does matter to your little lady), but beyond that we are talking about a pad that will run out, stickers that will run out, markers and a carry tote that isn’t super-durable. In our humble opinion pricing could be a bit lower.

Over the years we’ve seen more than one fashion-type design set come across our desk – so that isn’t exactly a brand new concept to us. We love incorporating Barbie, as that is sure to spark the interest of some children, and we do like the way the stencils and foil stickers work together.

The Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote Set certainly has that wow factor when you hand it over to a little lady. They’ll love getting into the package, working with the sketch portfolio and stencils, and adding the finishing touches of the foil stickers. If you have a fashiony-artsy kind of girl they’ll get plenty of use out of the set. If your little one tends to veer away from traditional “girly” type toys, then this might not be the perfect fit (but you probably know that already). Keep in mind, the sketch portfolio and stickers will run out, but you can certainly replace them both with ordinary paper and any number of stickers from your girl’s collection. We’d have liked the tote to be a bit more substantial, but if you know going in that it may wear down than it shoudn’t be much of an issue. All in all we think the Barbie Fashion Design Artist Tote isn’t the end-all-be-all design set for girls, but we do think it is a very nice addition to their arts and crafts table!

Manufacturer: Fashion Angels Enterprises
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $23.99
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