Learning with Curious George Workbooks Preschool Kids Product Review

The Learning with Curious George Workbook Series features 64-page workbooks designed to help preschool students with handwriting, early reading skills and math concepts in the new method of educating young people today: blending traditional pencil-and-paper skill-building activities with technology.

Each workbook can be registered online, offering a collection of free digital games in addition to a downloadable version of the book that parents can access and print at their convenience. At the completion of the workbook, children can download a special certificate to honor their good work. The entire program and online component is designed to be an affirming, confidence-building experience for young learners.

From the beginning, let’s be clear on one thing: the Learning with Curious George Workbook Series is not easy to use. Children that are at Preschool age are not going to be able to pick up the book or log onto the computer and begin learning. Attention Mom and Dad: these are not coloring books – you are going to have to work with your kids on them! And we think that is a great thing!

Look, for early-learning, especially during the preschool years, there is nothing more valuable than parental involvement. If used properly Moms and Dad are definitely going to be involved here! Preschool kids are going to need help reading and understanding the directions in the workbooks, and they are going to need help using the computer. We were also impressed that the activities in the workbook weren’t exactly simple. There are some concepts and skills that will definitely challenge your preschooler (even the one’s on the early registration list for Harvard!). And we love that! Be prepared – you will have to work with your kids on these workbooks. And be prepared, they aren’t going to master each skill the first time through. However, working together will keep your child interested and happy in the learning process, and you’ll instill a great lesson in them early by showing them that you are interested in learning with them! So no – the workbooks are not easy – but we wouldn’t want them any other way!

The workbooks themselves are made well and should stand-up to the abuse your children will inevitably throw at them. The issue we found, of course, is that once the work is complete the pages are done and can’t be used again. We did like that you could go online and print copies of the sheets in the book – so it does have that going for it.

It doesn’t get better than Curious George! Each workbook is full color with fun Curious George drawings throughout. As far as workbooks go, you’d be hard pressed to find one that will hold your child’s interest any longer. We also loved the look and simple design on the online games too!

Learning with Curious George Workbooks cover a wide variety of skill sets for preschool age kids, including reading, math and more. Within each workbook the lessons are challenging and unique. Add in the online component and for a simple purchase The Learning Company has packed in more functionality than you could ask for!

Each workbook has a suggested retail price of $5.99. Included in every book are 64 color pages, stickers, and the website to go online for the additional activities. With all things included, $5.99 doesn’t just seem appropriate as the pricepoint, it seems fair too.

Yes we’ve seen workbooks. Yes we’ve seen online games for little ones. And yes, we’ve even seen a little bit of our friend Curious George before. But when you put them all together, you are looking at a fun, interesting, unique concept for early learning. Plus each activity is age appropriate and individually designed. All in all – we think that’s what makes these workbooks so original.

We really like pretty much everything about the Learning with Curious George Workbook Series. First off – who doesn’t love Curious George?! Next, and more importantly, the worksheets are real learning lessons that kids and parents will need to work on together. This is no coloring book, these are real school skills that your kids will be mastering in the very near future – any head start on learning them is a good thing in our book. While the online games aren’t groundbreaking by any stretch, they are age appropriate and should interest your kids at least for a little while. We also loved that parents could go online and print additional copies of pages in the workbooks to work on skills and have fun again. All that and the pricing is fair. The Learning with Curious George Workbook Series has the exact look, feel and design of lessons your kid will be working on in school – and we are certain that parents looking for a jump on education or some support for early learning are going to be more than pleased!

Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Recommended Age: Preschool
Retail Price: $5.99 each
On the Web: www.thelearningcompany.com
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