Let’s Go Chipper App for iPad, iPhone – Kids App Review

This app is all about adventures in nature with Chipper, the conscientious ambassador of the great outdoors. Chipper playfully teaches good character and a love for animals and the environment in this all-inclusive portal to the parks filled with coloring activities, nature-inspired movies, books, music videos, activities and more. No in-app purchases required. Free Gift with download.

Chipper and friends sing songs, tell stories, and provide games that help foster the social and emotional growth of young children – playfully. Plus, the Let’s Go Chipper App allows you to download content as you go to playfully engage your child while educating:

  • Let’s Go Chipper! Into the Great Outdoors – 30 min. movie
  • Blue Planet Green – Music Video
  • Let’s Go Chipper – Music Video
  • Animated and read along with books: Out to Sea with Sally, Break it Down with Bruce, Let’s Stroll Crissy Field , Get Ready to Fly
  • Coloring Pages

Additional details about books & videos:

  • Out to Sea with Sally: Join Chipper as he adventures from fresh water to salt water and back again with Sally to learn about the life of a salmon.
  • Let’s Stroll Crissy Field: Chipper takes the bus through San Francisco to visit one of the most famous urban habitats and national parks in the US. Kids playfully learn to be more mindful about keeping our communities clean, the importance of “leave no trace” and ways to get healthy while reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Break it Down with Bruce: It’s a silly slimy adventure when you’re on the trail of Bruce, a banana slug. This eco-educational adventure keeps kids giggling while learning about the importance of Banana slugs.
  • Get Ready to Fly: Let Chipper excite and ready your child for flying before you even pack a bag. From check-in to boarding Chipper introduces young fliers to the many steps it takes to getting on a plane, and the importance of being a respectful traveler. Helps kids earn their wings!
  • White Sand Blue Water: Music Video. Kids will get their eco-groove going with Peabody, a brown bear, dancing and singing about his love for nature.
  • How Long till We Get There: Music Video. It’s the question every child asks and Chipper has a sweet answer that will leave everyone asking for S’mores!

Let’s Go Chipper Into the Great Outdoors is created and produced by IAGmedia, a conscientious green media company that playfully delivers content and programs that instill positive life skills and respect for the environment in young children.

An app designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. If you’ve never handed an iPhone or iPad over to a little one than you are probably trying to figure out how complex and app for a kid can be. However, if you have any kids in the age range you already know that they are pretty much as good at using your iPhone or iPad as you are! And Chipper is right up their alley! The menus are easy to navigate, the books (animated and e-book), videos and coloring all load easily. Is this app easy for kids? Yes it is!

Think durability isn’t an issue for kids using your iPhone or iPad? You’d be wrong. If you’ve ever watched a little one slowly hold on an app, then quickly delete it when it is moving – you know the terror! Truth be told, like most apps that you don’t need to store too much info with – all you need to do is redownload or sink. No durability concerns here.

This was a trickier category than we expected it to be simply because at first glance Chipper looks amazing! Especially to adults! Now, we selected the words “to adults” purposefully as we weren’t surprised when some of the kids in the older range were looking for a bit more. For younger kids the animation, videos, cartoons and book all look awesome. However, for some of the older kids that have used Mom and Dads iPhones or iPads for quite some time – they are used to seeing cool things there. Some were hoping for Iron Man or Spider Man – not just Chipper. Don’t misunderstand – we still loved how it looked, and we think Chipper is totally age appropriate – but some of the older kids playing with it were looking for more crazy action and graphics.

Again – a pretty hotly contested category that turned out to be the only one where this app didn’t earn all 5 stars. Chipper packs so many different things for kids to watch, for kids to read, for kids to color and for kids to enjoy. Yet to some of our parents they wanted a bit more interactivity (which after all is the point of an app they smugly told us!). They wanted the stories to advance when the kids did something…such as pressing on a certain picture or button or answering a question. Speaking of answering questions – some wanted some sort of question and answer section after books or movies to work on comprehension. Some asked for words under the music videos for kids to practice reading while learning the songs. Bottom line – if you aren’t looking for major interactivity this app is perfect – it packs plenty to keep your kids happily learning. If you are expecting a lot of interactivity you may be a tiny bit let down.

Standard app pricing – $1.99 – we love apps – we love the price! And even more important – all of the books, coloring, videos, movies, etc. are included! No additional price to download certain items. Everything is included.

All original, all wonderfully creative stories. Chipper is one of a kind – and while the stories are typical kid-stories – we love Chipper’s original spin.

When it comes to apps for kids every Mom and Dad has something specific they are looking for. It is easy to see that the people behind Chipper decided to pack as much as they possibly could into this well-conceived, well-designed, well-crafted app! It is easy to use and great for little kids. Older kids with more iPhone or iPad experience (and some of their parents) might be looking for a bit more interactivity…but most of us weren’t busy looking for more. Chipper packs it all in – and young kids in the age range all loved the books, stories and fun activities. For the price you are going to be more than pleased at just how much is included! We love Chipper – and we’re certain you and your little ones will too!

Manufacturer: iag Media
Recommended Age: 2 - 6 years
Retail Price: $1.99
On the Web: www.letsgochipper.com
Buy It Here: www.iTunes.com