KidCo Go Pod Portable Activity Seat Baby Product Review

The Go Pod is an ultra lightweight, portable activity seat developed as an alternative to bulky, stationary activity centers. Its one-of-a-kind ‘mobility design’ makes it a must have for in-home or travel needs. As living spaces are getting smaller and lives are busier, the Go Pod sets the standards for both worlds perfectly. Simply fold and go!

The Go Pod has 4 adjustable seat heights to grow with baby, snack/drink holders and toy loops to customize perfectly for your baby’s needs.

If you’ve ever opened/unfolded a sports/lawn chair you’ll have no problem setting up the incredible Go Pod! Pop it out of the bag, spread the legs and place baby in the perfect portable activity seat. Use the cup holders for drinks or snacks, and use the toy loops to attach your little one’s favorites. And when you are ready to move on, fold up the Go Pod, slip it back into the carry bag and you and baby are quickly and easily on the move again!

Open…closed…open closed…toys on…toys off…after multiple uses and a pretty active, messy, baby or two we found no cause for concern with the Go Pod. It opened and closed with easy, and all little stains wiped off easily. Excellent durability!

Of course many Moms and Dads use their Go Pod at home – especially when space is a premium. But take the Go Pod with you to the park, the play center or your baby’s older sibling’s school and you will see first hand just how much Visual Appeal this little seat packs! Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and caregivers of all shapes and sizes are going to come check out your awesome portable activity seat! Definitely an eye-catcher – and we’re happy to report it works as good as it looks!

So here’s the thing – whether you are at home or on the run, there is just no way to hold your baby as often as they would like to be held. Plus, you want to create a sense of freedom for them….the Go Pod is your solution. Now you can put baby down in a safe, comfortable place that they’ll enjoy being in. They get to stretch their legs and stand, and you can adjust the height perfectly for them. Place in drinks and snacks, attach toys to keep them entertained. And the Go Pod opens and closes with ease for the ultimate in portability. It would be hard to ask for any more function than what you’ve got here!

The Go Pod is sort of in a category all its own. It has some of the features of a bouncy seat, some of the features of a walk-around, and all of the portability you can ask for. So the problem becomes, what do you compare it to for pricing purposes? Well…we didn’t compare it to anything – we just surveyed the team on what they thought it should be priced. Most came in right around the $40 range. With an actual retail price of $54.99 the Go Pod isn’t off the charts at all, just a tad higher than expected. However, if you compare it to a walk-around or something similar that isn’t quite as portable, you are coming in pretty close to range.

As we started to mention above, the Go Pod is sort of in a category all its own. It’s part bouncy seat, part walk-around, part portable play yard…well…part a lot of things your baby needs! We love it’s portability – and we are so happy to see something so unique that fits the needs of so many categories!

There is no two ways about it – we love the Go Pod! For in the house or out, for a place to sit baby in when you need a minute or for a place for baby to play – the Go Pod offers it all. It is so easy to use, and super-functional. We found no durability issues, and pricing wasn’t a sticking point. Where Go Pod truly excels is in the functionality department – perfect for at the house and perfect to take along wherever you take baby! And yes, by combining some of the best features of our favorite carriers, walk-arounds and seats – KidCo came up with a true original! The Go Pod is a must have for all new Moms and Dads!

Manufacturer: KidCo
Recommended Age: 4 months to walking
Retail Price: $54.99
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