Hot Wheels Car Design Light Box Kids Art Toy Product Review

Design dream cars for Hot Wheels® with the Light Box Design Set! The light box makes drawing easy: simply use the sketch pages and films with the light box tracing table to outline car decals and logos to make them look like they are ready for speed. Use the Tree-Free colored pencils and instructions for tips and inspiration on how to color and shade to make each car ready for the street or racetrack. Finish off the designs with the foil stickers for extra-cool detail. This kit includes the light box tracing table, 40 car design sketch pages, 10 Tree-Free colored pencils with pencil sharpener, 15 films, 38 stickers, and instructions. Batteries not included – requires 3AA.

The kit itself is designed for kids ages 4 years and up – and while 4 year olds can draw, trace and create, they are going to need a lot more help than older kids. For kids that are around 6 and up, the light box is intuitive – and they will take to tracing, drawing, stylizing, coloring and creating the coolest cars of their dreams. Younger kids, challenging, older kids – definitely easy to use.

First off, the light box kit requires batteries, and obviously those will eventually run out. The set does include some sketch paper, but that is easy enough to replace when it runs out…same with the colored pencils if they get misplaced. The only thing we see running thin would be the foil stickers, but if your kids are like our kids they have no shortage of stickers to use. All in all, pretty good durability here.

The Hot Wheels Car Design Light Box is absolutely positively knock your kid’s socks off cool looking! No question – if you have a kid that is into coloring, cars or both – the look of this kit will blow them away!

For a child’s toy or arts and crafts set, this kit is super-functional. First off – you have a light box that can be used in so many different ways. Add in the 40 different car films, colored pencils, and stickers and our kids will be able to create until their hearts are content.

Not to say that the kit doesn’t include so much and offer so much functionality…bottom line is that it is just expensive. In a blind survey our team priced his right around $20 – with a few high-end bids coming in at $25. With a retail price of just under $35 the kit is on the expensive side. It is built to last, so that isn’t the issue…I think the issue is just that $35 tends to be a bit on the high end for a kids’ toy.

We’ve seen other art kits for kids, but this certainly doesn’t fall perfectly into that category. And we have seen another light box or two in our time reviewing, but most are more standard straight up arts and crafts, not themed so well like this Hot Wheels Set. We also love all of the film/stencils to keep your kids interested in new design after new design.

As we said before – if you have a kid that is into coloring or cars, you’ve found an excellent addition to their arts and crafts collection. The Hot Wheels Car Design Light Box is well designed for older kids to work with out of the box, while younger ones may need a bit of help. The set itself is durable, with most pieces that get used up easily replaced. Add your child’s imagination to the mix, and the functionality is endless. The only major question mark we found was pricing, but when you are looking at a quality product like this you do tend to see where the extra dollars go. The Hot Wheels Car Design Light Box is sure to be a hit with your little car and coloring fanatic, and you’ll be pleased with how much use your child can get out of it!

Manufacturer: Fashion Angels Enterprises
Recommended Age: 4 years and up
Retail Price: $33.99
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