innovativeKids Soft Shapes Memory Match Catch Baby Kids Bath Toy Product Review

Make bath time the best time of the day with even more foam-filled fun and learning! Each set contains everything needed for play plus a mesh bag for drying and storing pieces when wet.

This game of memory match includes a fishing net and 20 colorful, floatable fish. Kids use the net to catch and match pairs of the same color and pattern and then stick them to the sides of the tub! Mesh storage bag included.

Easy? Absolutely! Drop the fish in the tub, hand over the net and let the fun matching begin. Truth be told, our kids tended to break into an all out free-for-all fishing tournament, but really we didn’t find that to be a problem. But don’t worry, when kids do choose to fish for matches that’s easy too!

In and out of the tub these guys hold up just fine. We also like the incldued mesh bag for easy drip dry (translation=no mold!).

Cute! Memory Match Catch isn’t a Nintendo 3DS, but it does have nice visual appeal to the younger crowd. In the tub you’ll be amazed at just how long it can hold a little one’s attention!

As we mentioned before, whether kids fish for fun, fish to match, or match without fishing, they’ll have plenty of option for fun. It’s a bathtub toy – so don’t get too carried away – but there is more than enough function to keep the kids entertained.

The only issue we found with Memory Match Catch (and for the record it is the same issue we find with most toys) is the pricing. In a blind survey our Moms and Dads priced this between $7 and $10. With an actual retail price of $14.99 it was priced a bit higher than we would have liked. It’s not that $15 is too expensive for a toy, it’s just we like our bath toys to be less than $10.

We’ve seen lots of bath toys, but we haven’t seen any that add a little learning and memory function. We like that, and that keeps it on the positive side of original.

InnovativeKids Soft Shapes: Memory Match Catch is a nice, fun bath toy – no question about it. It’s easy to use, kids will want to play with it, and whether they want to fish, fish to match, or just match – there is plenty of function. Pricing isn’t terrible, but we’d like it a little bit lower, but there’s nothing new there. If you are looking for a new bath tub toy – here’s a good one!

Manufacturer: innovativeKids
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
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