Kalencom MIDI Coated Buckle Bag Diaper Bag Product Review

Made with durability and functionality in mind, Kalencom’s line of diaper bags are designed to accommodate the needs of every mom. From an easy-to-clean laminated exterior to a roomy interior with pockets and bright, fun patterns, or more conservative styling, Kalencom combines function with style to provide a trendy diaper bag option. Included in each diaper bag is a matching insulated bottle holder to accommodate any baby’s feeding schedule, a changing mat for sudden diaper changes, and a zip pouch for added organization.

Oh Moms…aren’t diaper bags fun? They are heavy, they don’t have enough room, you can never find what you need, and they are a pain to get into and out of….right? Wrong! If the diaper bag you are using is from Kalencom! The MIDI Coated Buckle Diaper Bag is definitely easy to use. The magnetic clip keeps the top flap closed, and offers easy access for you to get in and out of it. There is plenty of storage room – and a zippered pouch to keep your keys or wallet handy. Forget carrying a purse along with your MIDI – you won’t need it! Special pockets on the inside also make it easy to pack a change of clothes, back-up toys and bottles. Easy!

Remember ladies – first and foremost – diaper bags were made to haul around clean diapers, pack away dirty diapers, and carry along pretty much your baby’s room in a bag. Their first mission was not that they should look cute (although Kalencom definitely covers that angle – more on that in a minute). With the durability factor in mind it is clear Kalencom knew exactly what they were doing here. First off the bag is laminated. Laminated! Meaning – spit up, flying pee and poop, and everyday dirt and grime will wipe off of the exterior easily! The magnetic clip holds tight, and all of the seams and zippers are well stitched. The MIDI Diaper Bag from Kalencom is going to be able to stand up to the rigors of babydom – no problem!

Did we say the first goal of a diaper bag was to hold up and not look cute….hmmm…we must have been confused…because Kalencom offers adorable, brights, stylish, trendy design after design to make every mom happy! Plus the MIDI Coated Diaper Bag appears to be about the size of some of today’s larger handbags or purses. Sure it stores a ton more than a purse, but it doesn’t look like you are hauling around a duffel bag! And the styles are stunning! Check out www.kalencom.com for more views – trust us – you’ll find something that shouts out “you” somewhere on the site!

The MIDI Coated Diaper Bag packs in all of the functionality you’ll need. As we’ve already mentioned, there is room for everything, and a large pocket or individual separate pockets to store it all well. With it’s laminated cover the MIDI cleans easily, and with it’s magnetic clip it holds closed well. Add in the included zippered pouch for storing your items, the included changing pad for diaper changes on the go, and the included bottle holder and you’ve got everything you need packed and ready to go!

With a suggested retail price of $60 the Moms (and Dads) on our team were thrilled. Yes, we absolutely know that there are less expensive diaper bag options on the market. We’ve seen them – and some actually have pretty good functionality and hold up well. We aren’t here to knock them. However…they just aren’t this cute! Seriously. If you want a plain old fashioned diaper bag – go somewhere else. If you want a stylish, trendy look that is also functional and well made – Kalencom is where you want to go. And best of all, unlike some other stylish, trendy diaper bags on the market – you won’t have to pay a fortune. In fact, some of our Moms even called the MIDI Diaper Bag a bargain when you compare it with some of the others out there!

No – diaper bags are not an original idea…it’s usually one of the first things a new Mom’s friends start thinking about. Yet – you can’t argue with style – and Kalencom has it! With what seems like an endless amount of style and color options added onto a diaper bag that is extremely functional – we can’t help but call it an original.

It has been a while, and it is rare to see it with a diaper bag, but we are so pleased to write that the MIDI Coated Buckle Diaper Bag from Kalencom earned itself a five star sweep! We are talking about a diaper bag that has it all – it’s easy to use, functional, durable, stylish, affordable and original! Everything we rate on – this bag excelled in! Add to the fact the sizing (that of a large purse) and the style options – and we’re certain Moms won’t be more pleased with any other diaper bag on the market. Yes, everyone has their own style – and yes, we’re confident Kalencom has a bag for yours!

Manufacturer: Kalencom
Recommended Age: Moms!
Retail Price: $60.00
On the Web: www.kalencom.com
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