Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater from innovativeKids Product Review

Let the show begin with this new Soft Shapes series bath time (or anytime) Puppet Theater – made of soft, chunky foam for float-able puppet play! Kids will enjoy endless imaginary play in the bath, at home, or on the go!

Kids can put on a play with this fun, two-sided foam stage set that floats in water or stands up on a table for portable puppet play anywhere, anytime!

Nothing complicated about this set! Whether in the tub or in the playroom, your kids will be able to easily get into and start putting together a kids size puppet show with the Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater!

No durability questions either! The set is made to float in the tub or stand up out of it. The set itself includes 6 soft shapes pieces and other than the possibility of misplacing a piece, the set should last just fine.

The Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater has a sweet, classic look. What it lacks in some of the light up flashers and beeping buzzing sounds, it certainly makes up for in its styling. In and out of the tub your kids will love playing with this cute set.

Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater is fun to play with in the tub and out. It gives your kids the basic set-up and then it’s up to them and their imagination. For the record, we do like sets that encourage kids to use their imagination, but we would have liked for a few more pieces to be included in the set to encourage further creativity and imaginative options.

In a blind survey our review team priced this set between $10 and $12. With an actual retail price the Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater isn’t very far off. Even if the $15 price tag is a bit much for an everyday purchase for your own kids, it is well within the range for gift giving.

We’ve seen plenty of toys for use in the tub, and plenty for use out of the tub – but not many specifically designed for both. Plus, instead of just being a toy for the tub, this set gets those creative, pretend juices flowing – and as we said before – you know we like that!

Overall the Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater is a nice addition to your child’s toy collection and tub toy collection. It is certainly easy to use and definitely durable. A lot of the functionality falls to your child’s own imagination – and this set will help encourage growth their. From a cost perspective the Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater is fairly priced too. All in all, this set makes a great gift for a friend or for your own. Let the bath time fun begin with the Soft Shapes: Puppet Theater!

Manufacturer: innovativeKids
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
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