Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller Baby Product Review

The new and improved Joovy Groove stroller is finally here – and according to the folks from Joovy calling the stroller improved is a huge understatement! This thing is totally new from the wheels up!

First thing you notice when you open up the box is this techy looking super strong rectangle aluminum frame attached to the clean looking 600D fabric. Available in Joovy’s bestselling colors, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black.


  • Fully adjustable 5-point harness with removable shoulder pad
  • Removable oversized canopy – covered viewing window
  • Mesh pockets in seat for kid’s stuff
  • 2 cup holders for parents
  • Zippered storage pocket
  • Automatic fold lock and carry handle
  • Unlimited recline positions to 146 degrees
  • Large basket
  • Sealed bearings in all wheels
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Reflective light technology for safety

If you think that Ease of Use is a silly category when it comes to strollers than you’ve obviously never had a bad one (which means you are lucky!). However, if you are like the rest of us you’ve had your fair share of tangles with a folding stroller…or had a wheel pop off at just the wrong time…or had belts that got so twisted and tangled there was never going to be any saving your sanity. If you’ve ever found yourself in any of those situations or worse…this is the stroller for you!

Joovy’s Groove Stroller is just easy. It’s easy to open, easy to close, easy to push , easy to operate the belts, easy to operate the brakes. It’s just easy all the way around. No question – having a baby is difficult enough – you don’t need your stroller creating a problem. With the Joovy Groove there are none!

In our testing, albeit limited only over a few weeks, we found no reason to think that the Joovy Groove can’t stand up to everything that your little one has to throw at it. The structure itself is made and felt sound – there was no shaking, shimmying or creeking. The wheels ride so smoothly on the ground – no bouncing or bumping. The fabric held up fine with spot cleaning for minor stains. Lets be honest here – strollers get beat up after lots of use – this one seemed to take it all without issue.

As usual, we just love the clean, modern look of Joovy – and the Groove Stroller is no exception. It’s sharp, clean lines pair with a bright Joovy color to create a top of the line look.

You want function in your stroller? Joovy Groove has it! As we mentioned before it opens and closes easily and it really does ride like a dream. Now lets get down to added features with functionality built in. The removable oversized canopy has a window for easy viewing. There are two built in cup holders on the back to hold your drinks. There’s a small zippered storage pocket for odds and ends, and a big basket down below. The stroller seat itself reclines to 146-degrees, and if you’ve ever tried to nap a child in their stroller you know how important that can be. Add it all up and you’ve got a stroller that is jam packed with functionality.

And like always, this is the category that hits the Joovy products we review the hardest. There are no two ways about it – Joovy strollers are just not inexpensive. In fact, there are many parents that find the cost of a Joovy item just too far out of their budget. However, if you can afford to spend the extra dollars you are not going to be disappointed. Unlike inexpensive strollers that are out there – you are going to see and feel the difference in performance. Bottom line – you won’t find a better stroller for less than the Groove…what you will find is one that just doesn’t come close to the features and functions.

Hard to call a stroller original, well, because they have been around for so long. Yet when Joovy says they redesigned this bad boy from the wheels up – we take them at their word. For our liking, it’s not so much that they came up with a totally new concept for the stroller…no…Joovy just took everything you would want, features, durability, function – and packed it into the Groove. Not skimping on the features or durability…now that is original!

We’re starting to notice a trend here…another Joovy product…another 5 star review! Joovy has it figured out – they make products well, they make products that parents want, and they make them stand out in every respect. If you can deal with the high price (and we know not everyone can) you will not find a better umbrella stroller on the market than the Groove. It is so easy to use – both to open and to close, and it is going to last a long, long time and provide you the same consistent Joovy performance throughout. The looks are stunning and there is so much functionality and features packed in instead of listing them again here we’ll happily refer you back above. We’re happy to award five stars once again to another outstanding addition to the Joovy line – the Groove Stroller!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: 6 months and up
Retail Price: $199.99
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