Appeteether BPA Free Teething Toys from Little Toader Baby Product Review

You may have never imagined giving your child a spare rib or chicken wing before they had a full set of teeth; however, Little Toader is happy to make this unknown dream come true. Not only are Appeteethers fun for those watching, these teething toys are designed to ease teething discomfort. The Baby-Q Rib and Chompin’ Chicken Wing have varying colors and textures to help stimulate your baby’s senses. Non-Toxic, BPA Free, Lead Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free. Every batch of Appeteethers is tested by an independent third party organization to ensure the highest level of safety and comply with all Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. Kids love chewing away at them and parents get a kick out of watching them do it!

So…we’re talking about a chew toy that is shaped like a rib or a chicken wing…well…if you can make sure the family dog doesn’t go after it, there is nothing quite as easy as the Appeteethers! Hand one over to your little guy or gal and they will gnaw, chew and gum it until their little heart’s content! Oh – and you’ll get a nice laugh or giggle too!

Let’s just say that most parents don’t expect a teether to last a long time…after all they are supposed to get chewed on and drooled on. Yet we were quite pleased with the Appeteether! It stood up to all of the chewing our little ones shared and it washed up nicely with a little warm water and dish soap. No durability issues here!

If you could have been in the room with us when it came to Visual Appeal you would have witnessed a rare site. A discussion, or rather spirited conversation, took place on just how we could expand on the five stars just this one time. From our carnivores to our vegetarians with a good attitude, everyone wanted to figure out a way to award 6 stars here! Well…we don’t offer it…but if we did…you would very well be looking at our first 6 star award for Visual Appeal!

When it comes down to it, Appeteethers are just chew toys for kids. They certainly can ease some minor pain as kids are cutting their teeth, but that’s about where it ends.

Sadly, Appeteethers did take a bit of a hit when it came to Cost Efficiency. When we surveyed the members on our team, just about everyone priced this at or below $10. With an actual retail price of just under $15, Appeteethers are about 30% higher than the gang had hoped for. Not off the charts, but certainly pricing for more of a gift item than an everyday purchase by Mom or Dad.

Well…if we could have found a way to award 6 stars for Visual Appeal, Originality may have been next in line! Come on…teethers that look like ribs and chicken wings! You know you’ve never seen anything like that for kids…puppies maybe…but not kids!

So you can look at the Appeteethers in two ways…sort of a gag gift for babies, or as a useful handy teether that just happens to make Mom or Dad laugh at the same time! Either way you look at it, we know you are just going to love watching your favorite little one gnaw away on a rib or chicken wing. And they’ll be happier too because really…what do they care…with this little number their gums do feel better! Appeteethers are certainly easy to use and definitely durable. The price is high…but life is short…and sometimes a product comes along that is just worth the extra dollars for the laugh alone! This is one of those times!

Manufacturer: Little Toader, LLC
Recommended Age: Newborn and up
Retail Price: $14.99
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