SolPals MoonBeams Solar Powered Night Light Baby Kids Product Review

The SolPals MoonBeams star gives a soft glow to any room. Perfect for any age, the sleek star design is a great nightlight for younger children, comforting and fun.

SolPals has come up with a light that uses both a rechargeable battery and two backup, alkaline batteries. The reason for the two batteries is to insure adequate power — solar only works when there is sun. The more exposure to daylight, the longer the charge, just as less exposure to daylight means a shorter charge. All SolPals’ lights have the option to either use solar power only or to use built-in technology that utilizes the stored solar energy first then, if necessary, will automatically switch to two backup, alkaline batteries.

Simply place the light in a sunlit window and position the LED. That’s it! No more worries – no more hassles!

SolPals MoonBeams night lights last throughout the night after a full day’s charge. The solar cell will automatically turn the solar nightlight on at dusk and off at dawn, with the option of a manual on/off button. Soft, glowing color creates a soothing, fun alternative night light – without the need for batteries!

Is a SolPals Solar Powered Night Light easy to use? In a word – yes. Fine…you know we wouldn’t leave it at just a single word…but really, the SolPals Night Light really is a breeze. First off…fine a nice, sunny window in your child’s room to attach the suction cup end to. Then…well…that’s pretty much it! The solar power cell charges throughout the day, providing plenty of light power throughout the night. If your child’s room doesn’t quite get enough sun, then you’ll definitely want to load a couple of batteries in there for back-up power. Remember, a big part of the benefit here is that you are not plugging into a wall (and endangering your little child and there little hands – more on that later) – so you can skip that step entirely. And that…as they say…is that. Easy!

Durability of the night light itself really isn’t the issue here. What is the issue is just how long the light will last through the night…and this is where the discussion takes off. For families that have a nice bright window in their child’s room – no worries. A strong sun will charge the night light and have it last straight through the evening. However if your child doesn’t have window in their room, or doesn’t get a lot of sunlight if they do have a window, then the batteries are going to be important. And as we all know, batteries run out and need to be replaced…thereby limiting the durability for some. Bottom line however, if you have lots of sunlight at the window you should be just fine.

From a visual perspective SolPals earns top marks. Currently there are a flower and a star to choose from – and for the most part one of those will work with every child’s bedroom. During the day the white outline of the flower or star looks cool coming in off of the window. And at night, the bright LED lights emit a soft, warm glow – providing a perfect amount of light for worried little sleepers.

Attach the suction cup to the window, feed the light around to the other side (through blinds or around curtains), add batteries and forget about it. Night after night your child is going to have a perfect night light. But the functionality doesn’t end there. Remember, this night light requires no power from a plug. Now you won’t have to worry that there little hands are wandering to places that they shouldn’t be…and we all know just how tempting a night light can be for kids to play with. You’ve got an excellent night light and a safety conscious product wrapped in one – now that is functionality if we’ve ever seen it!

And here is where the review takes a bit of a turn. OK – we get that this is a green product, saving energy…and we get that sometimes you have to pay more to be green. But by no means is this an inexpensive light for a kids room. Of course there are cheap (translated: dangerous) night lights available at your local dollar store. We certainly wouldn’t recommend that. However, there are other quality night lights out there that don’t cost nearly as much as SolPals. With a suggested retail price of $30 SolPals are double (or more than double) what some on our review team were expecting. Again, we are aware that a quality product can cost more…and we do think this is a quality product…it’s just that there were a few too many parents on our review team who felt that this pricing would be too restrictive. That doesn’t mean they don’t want this green, safe, gorgeous night light…it just means they might not be willing to pay $30 for it.

So as rough as we were on SolPals in the Cost Efficiency category – we hope to be as encouraging in the Originality category. Of course we’ve seen night lights – but we’ve never seen one that goes to this amazing level. It’s solar powered. It’s green. And best of all – it’s gorgeous! Your kids will love SolPals for the look, you’ll love it for the safety!

SolPals MoonBeams takes a must-have for many kids and just makes it better. Let’s accept the fact that it is a pretty expensive night light. There we said it. Now, once (or should we say if) you can get past that you are going to be pleased. SolPals are easy to use and made to last long…even if you have to use your own batteries and replace. SolPals are definitely a much safer option that your standard plug-in night lights and they look a whole lot cooler! If you can handle the cost you (and your kids) are sure to be sleeping happily thanks to the safe and cool SolPals!

Manufacturer: SolPals
Recommended Age: Newborn - 13 years old
Retail Price: $29.95
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