Green Start Play, Draw, Create: Trucks from innovativeKids Product Review

Earth-friendly reusable drawing and magnet kit. Contains everything necessary for everlasting fun, learning, and creativity! Each kit includes a magnetic dry erase board, over 30 magnetic play pieces, five dry erase markers in assorted colors and a write on/wipe off activity book filled with lots reusable activities and games!

Kids will create rough-and-tumble trucks and make up their own on-the-go adventures.

So this Green Start kit from Innovative Kids includes lots of fun pieces to keep little hands busy and entertained. Designed for kids 3 and up, the kit has plenty included that your kids will certainly be comfortable using – from dry erase markers to a magnet board and games. Children on the older end of the spectrum are going to be able to take this kit, pop it open and run with it…yet children on the younger end of the spectrum are definitely going to need some supervision and parent involvement to learn what piece does what. All in all the set is easy to play with, but if you have a younger one you’ll need to help out!

One of the main goal of this Green Start line is…well…to teach your kids hows to be green and eco-friendly from a young age. With that in mind kids are given reusable dry erase markers and board, magentic toys to play with and puzzles and pages that wipe clean for use after use. As long as your kids are fairly careful in replacing pieces after use there should be no durability issues here!

Simply put – kids love a kit! They love to open it, they love to inspect the pieces, they love to play with it, they love to pack it up, and they love to open it up and start it all over again! And with the awesome truck components included your rough and tumble boys (or little lady that likes trucks!) is sure to be entertained! And yes – if we are judging by appearance alone your kids will definitely be interested!

Reusable markers, games, magnets, dry erase board, magnet board…all in a portable, foldable, take-along-able little kit! Perfect for quiet time at home, for the car or even a plane trip. This little kit packs in the functionality!

Well, our review team is notoriously stingy….and when it came to our review of this set no exceptions were made. In a blind survey our team priced this set right around $15.00. With an actual retail price of just under $17, the gang wasn’t far off…but they certainly would have like the price a few dollars less. This wasn’t based on a whim either…many on our review team felt like this would be a great add-on gift for a special little one…yet they didn’t necessarily think that it would fulfill the “ultimate gift” idea. Translation – the team likes $10-$15 for an add on – not $17. Yet, if you like the concept and the pieces, don’t let our tight-wad-edness deter you…the kit is full of fun!

We’ve seen plenty of toys for kids in the car…from coloring books to games…but all of those get one use through and then you are done. The team loved the fact that the entire Green Start Trucks set is reusable for hours of fun.

The team was definitely surprised and impressed by just how much usable, durable fun was packed in the Green Start Play, Draw, Create: Trucks Set. For kids say kindergarten age and up, it is easy to use, the kit is designed to be durable and pricing really isn’t far off of our expectations. Best of all, you child is going to enjoy playing, drawing, creating then starting all over again! If you’ve got some travelling to do with your little one, we strongly recommend packing one of these Green Start Sets in your carry-on our back seat!

Manufacturer: innovativeKids
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $16.99
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