HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set Kids Electronics Collectible Product Review

The HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set is the first transportable environment that enables HEBUG Nano architects to customize the design and layout within a HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set. The Hive Habitat Set features an integrated center ramp for multi-level Nano interaction and a floor spotted with attachment points that kids can build off of, further extending its creative play pattern. Each attachment can be filled with a variety of new playground accessories including pets, which act as bump points for the HEXBUG Nano, rotatable flags, which direct the HEXBUG Nano toward ramps or other obstacles including merry-go-rounds and even a seesaw.

The HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set is designed for kids ages 3 and up – and that caused our team to think twice about the Ease of Use category…however, when we discussed it more and opened up the range further, we really did feel that this set is easy to use. First off – it is transportable, meaning your kids can open and close it and take it with them wherever they go. Next, all of the pieces pop in to place easily making customizing the set a breeze. Yes, kids that are 3 or 4 are probably going to need a little help from Mom or Dad – but come on – it sort of goes with the territory (not all toys are for kids to play with alone!). Easy to customize – easy to play with – definitely easy to use!

Made of all plastic and made strong there are no durability concerns here. Yes, there are a few small pieces that little ones may misplace, but if you work with the little ones and help them clean up there should be no problem with losing any pieces.

It’s portable, it folds open, it’s customizable, kids can arrange the board anyway they like and that is before they even let the included awesome HEXBUG run wild. Yes, this is amazingly visually awesome!

Functionality? Seriously? If you haven’t been reading from above we’ll recap for you…portable, customizable, transportable, buildable and oh by the way that is before the play even begins…we know – sort of like above – but come on…this is one set that is super-duper functional!

Over the years our review teams have not been exactly kind when it comes to Cost Efficiency and the HEXBUG line…yet we are happy to report a change of heart. Look…this is a play set….that comes with tons of pieces…and includes a HEXBUG Nano to play with. At just under $30 it is a tiny bit pricey, but you are certainly getting your money’s worth. Well done HEXBUG – we like this price!

We’ve seen lots of HEXBUGS over the years and we’ve seen other play sets from HEXBUG, but we’ve never seen one that packs in so much portability and functionality. And with both of those factors going for them we are happy to award all 5 stars for Originality!

We honestly can’t say enough about the HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat Set – we love it – and it deserves all five stars we’ve given it in every category. It’s easy to use, portable, customizable, functional, visually amazing, priced fairly and built to last. What else are you looking for in a toy?! An excellent purchase for kids of all ages! A five star sweep! Awesome!

Manufacturer: Innovation First Labs, Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $29.99
On the Web: www.hexbug.com
Buy It Here: