A Thanksgiving Thank You!

I have a love affair with potatoes. I like them mashed, roasted, double stuffed, in a puff, and baked. Apparently the Pilgrims and I have more in common than I originally thought because they loved potatoes many ways too. As you can imagine I am really really really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner.

Like many of us at this time of year, I have spent time marveling at all of the things in my life that I am thankful for. I am grateful for the health and happiness of my family, and the wonderful opportunities that I have been given on a daily basis. That being said there are many not so common things that I am thankful for that I want to share.

  1. I am thankful when I hear my good luck song on the radio (Faith, George Michael). It is a horrible song that when heard randomly on the radio brings me stupendous luck including but not limited to me getting my drivers license, getting into graduate school, getting engaged, winning a bidding war on our first house, finding out I was pregnant with kid 1, and my husband getting the promotion he was vying for. I heard that song on the day, or the day before all of those things happened to me.
  2. When I was 16 I had a screaming fight with my step mother and told her that I hated her and her red high heels. She yelled back at me insisting that one day I would be begging to borrow those very red shoes and she wouldn’t let me. I am grateful that day never came because they were really awful shoes. I still will not wear red shoes.
  3. I am grateful when I am driving the exact right speed to hit every green light just as I am approaching the intersection.
  4. I am grateful when I reach into my pocket and find a $20 bill I forgot that I left there. When I lived up north I used to randomly hide money in my fall and winter coats just to experience that feeling the following year. I always forgot which coats got the lucky $20 by the time the cold weather rolled around again.
  5. I am grateful that I have a group of strong smart supportive women friends that aren’t petty and who don’t care if I call them back. It has taken me 37 years to feel this way, and I am thankful for each one of them.  I am especially grateful for the one that has been my best friend for 35 years. She gets me.
  6. I am very grateful for the five second rule. Enough said.
  7. I am grateful for the hilarious and smart TV show Modern Family. Each week I look forward to watching and literally laughing out loud. I used to be annoyed when my husband pulled a Dunphy but now it makes me laugh.
  8. I am grateful for my reliable and honest handyman. When my husband pulls a Dunphy (see number 7) and I need my handyman, he always shows up; and charges a fair price.
  9. I am grateful that my kid is not afraid of bugs. She will heroically catch a lizard, scoop up a frog or a spider and happily bring them back to its natural environment. Bugs make me queasy. Bugs in my house make me enormously uncomfortable. I am happy that I have someone in my life that doesn’t judge me for jumpiness and is able to quickly resolve the problem with a smile.
  10. Last, but definitely not least, I am grateful that after being married for almost 10 years my husband still brings me home fresh flowers every Friday night. It is a beautiful way to start the weekend, and I feel that it teaches my children that gestures are important and should not be forgotten.

Happy Thanksgiving! xo Mom on the Run