Gunamuna Gunapod Wearable Baby Blanket Sleepsack Product Review

The Gunapod is the first major overhaul in the sleep sack market in 15 years! A smarter wearable blanket. This soft and cozy fleece baby sleep sack has a simple-yet-ingenious layout of zippers and snaps incredibly easy to adjust into many configurations, means baby is more comfortable and mom’s life is easier. The Gunapod is safety meets usability. The unique all around zipper allows simple diaper changing. Baby remains dressed and warm and minimally disturbed, no need to undress baby to change diaper, unzip the outside from the bottom as high as necessary without limitations, simple and fast. Temperature ventilation by unzipping in many combinations. The Gunapod allows for easy dressing/undressing, leave bottom open for free movement of feet, oversized fit with large armholes and a super plush fabric for ultimate comfort ideal for use outside of crib in car or stroller.

Oh the sleep sack…the wearable blanket…one of the most simple yet wonderful inventions in the world of babydom…so easy to use….that is until you need to change a wet or stinky baby in the middle of the night! Wearing a warm. cozy sleepsack used to mean full undressing (translation – waking up baby) when they needed a diaper change mid-nap or mid-sleep. That was before the Gunapod came along! You want easy? This is easy!

With the Gunapod simply unzip the bottom, change diaper and rezip! It is so easy – and baby remains comfy, cozy – and hopefully – asleep during the process. And even if baby does stir, you won’t have to go through a lot of work to re-zip and close them up. Baby stays happy – Mom and Dad stay happy.

And unlike traditional sleepsacks, the Gunapod allows for multiple configurations with its unique array of zippers and snaps – meaning you’ll be able to help control baby’s level of comfort and temperature by opening or closing accordingly.

It’s clear that Gunapod was designed by Moms – not by clothing manufacturers. All zippers, seams and buttons are tight – and this awesome wearable baby blanket is washable as well. Even after a few washes our Gunapods were still nice and soft too. No durability concerns.

If you love a good sleepsack like we do (seriously – one of these days someone is going to make a mint by offering sleepsacks for adults!), then you will absolutely love the look of a Gunapod. Soft colors and soft material create a look that is as cozy as it feels. Adorable.

Functionality is truly where the Gunapod excels. Without questions there was thought and ingenuity that went into the creation of this sleepsack. The all around zipper allows for amazingly easy diaper changing. The 4 separate pulls allow for a more custom fit. You can choose to unzip in a variety of combinations for temperature control and ventilation. You can even leave the bottom unzipped if you’ve got a little kicker who likes to stretch his or her legs. Why would you ever just zip ’em in and forget ’em, when the Gunapod offers so much more functionality?

Well…let’s just say that the world of sleepsacks and wearable blankets has some competition. And with that competition comes a wide variety of prices. Very basic, lightweight sleepsacks can cost between $10 and $15. We’ve seen high-end (designer?) sleepsacks run as much as $50! So with a retail price of $29.50 Gunapod isn’t exactly on the low end of the spectrum, however it isn’t the highest price either. The issue that kept coming up was that most of our parents felt that they would want more than 1 or 2 Gunapods thinking ahead to the inevitable accident. And if they purchased 2 or 3 they were now looking at $60 or $90 – which is definitely a lot to spend for many of our parents. That isn’t saying that functionality isn’t off the charts, look isn’t adorable, and the feel isn’t incredible…it’s just saying that for some of our Moms and Dads they simply couldn’t afford to go with a sleepsack that costs quite as much as these – even though they clearly see why they would want to.

Of course sleepsacks and wearable blankets have been around for a long time – so we couldn’t exactly come in here and offer stars off the charts for Originality. However – and in the case of the Gunapod this is a big however – this sleepsack is absolutely, totally amazing in its design! It seems so simple really, making the sleepsack work for you and your baby – but nobody has done it quite like this! With its patent pending design, and zipper and button placements, you are looking at one totally unique wearable blanket!

We never would have thought we would have been able to award five stars for a sleepsack but here we are! And with good reason! When it comes to Ease of Use and Functionality, you won’t find a sleepsack on the market that is easier or more functional! The Gunapod stands up with the best when it comes to durability – and it is definitely adorable. Granted, the price is a bit on the high end, especially if you are going to want a back-up or two – but trust us, if you can afford the extra dollars it is worth it in the sanity you’ll save! With some good fortune, some warm wipes and soft hands you’ll be able to change baby while they stay comfy, cozy and asleep in their Gunapod, and you’ll be back in bed without incident! That’s the plan anyway – and with the Gunapod as your baby’s sleepsack of choice you’ll have the wearable blanket that can make that plan a reality!

Manufacturer: Gunamuna
Recommended Age: 0 - 24 months
Retail Price: $29.50
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