Hold-On Handles Stroller Accessory from Greater Than One Kids Product Review

Hold-On Handles is the new fun tool to help Moms and Dads teach children ages 1-3 years old to stay within arm’s reach when out and abouit. With a quick click of the unique, oversized caribiner, Hold-On Handles transforms from stroller accessory to walking rope that can be worn comfortably on a parent’s wrist, bag or through a belt loop. Children befriend the whimsical, colorful handles, freeing up Mom’s hands to push the stroller, hold the bags or open doors. Unlike with restraining and embarassing harnesses or “leashes”, parents can teach their children to stay “in time” and “hold on” while allowing them their physical liberty. Hold-On Handles are deisned for Moms and Dads to feel more confident while keeping their children safer!

Alright Mom and Dad – your kids are big enough to want out of that stroller from the second you try to put them in, but not exactly big enough to roam free. We don’t like leashes – and neither should you (mental scarring!). We were more than pleased to see someone taking a fresh, new approach to keep your kids wrangled. Now – is it easy to use? In a word…sort of! First off, it could not be more simple to attach the oversized carabiner to the object of your choice – stroller, purse, belt loop, etc. The more challenging part may be convincing your child to hold on! For obedient children (yes, some are), this is a wonder tool! Hold-On Handles is super easy to use – they can walk and stretch their legs – and yes stay right in arm’s length. For children that are a bit more rambunctious (most), this is a learning tool that you are going to have to work with them on. It will take some time to train them to keep holding on! Kids that like to wander are going to wander – so a lot of reinforcement will be needed. That’s not to say we don’t love it as a learning tool – it just isn’t going to be as simple as snapping on a carabiner and handle and watching your active toddler settle down!

We found the durability of a Hold-On Handle depends greatly on the temperment of your child. Orderly children won’t pull to much. Children that are a bit more excitable are going to be tugging and pulling, swinging and smacking their Hold-On Handle everywhere…obviously impacting the life. We didn’t see any major concerns in manufacturing, durability again is just going to depend on how well your child handles the handle.

Well – it’s an oversized carabiner with some fun plastic handles dangling off of them – and believe it or not your kids are going to love how it looks! Especially if you’ve ever tried to “leash” them. First off, kids look mature and confident when walking with one. They feel like they’ve been given freedom as opposed to a restrictive leash or harness. Next, the design of the handles is super-cute – bright colors, fun designs, you’ll like it as a stroller accessory. From a Visual Appeal perspective, Hold-On Handles has you covered!

It’s a handle right – so how functional can it be? Super functional if you ask us! Remember, this isn’t an absolute solution to kids wandering off. What it is however is an amazing learning tool combined with a unique idea! We are big believers in teaching children responsibility from a young age – and this is an excellent step 1. You are going to be working with your kids, talking to them, guiding them and reminding them to “hold-on!” – and they are going to respond. For some kids it will take more work (as we saw), and for others it was a snap (as we also saw). But there was definite understanding and improvement in all of the kid we worked with – and that is what we love! A smart product that works that teaches responsibility – now that is functionality!

Oh the dreaded Cost Efficiency category strikes again. With a suggested retail price of just under $20, many on our review team felt this was a bit on the higher end of what they would have liked to spend. Most felt comfortable around $10, but would definitely be thinking twice at double that. Keep in mind, that isn’t to say we don’t think Hold-On Handles are a bad buy for the dollars, they just aren’t quite as affordable as some on our review team had hoped for.

Oh yes – this is original! Throw away your embarrassing harnesses and leashes! Teach your kids to listen, react and act responsibly! That is what we encourage and that is what this unique, never-before-seen product does. We have seen a lot of restraining products, but we have never seen one so smartly designed!

Overall we really think that Hold-On Handles is a fantastic learning tool, stroller accessory and trouble saver! Kids have the freedom to walk, explore and be themselves, while staying close and learning responsibility. I know – sounds like quite a write up – but it isn’t overstating the fact that this is one smart learning tool that works! The designs are fun, and the handles should last reasonably well. With Hold-On Handles you’ll be working towards peace-of-mind in public places and teaching your kids a bit of responsibility at the same time!

Manufacturer: Greater Than One Kids
Recommended Age: 18 months and up
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.greaterthanonekids.com
Buy It Here: