Piggy Wiggies Hand Crafted Collectibles Kids Product Review

Piggy Wiggies are a happy family of soft lovable hand crafted collectibles, each with their own individual personality.

The Piggy Wiggies family keeps on growing as new members arrive. Whether you fall in love with the bigger Piggy Wiggies, the Mini Piggy Wiggies key-chains, or the whole family, they really will make the perfect little friends for you.

All-right Mom and Dad…we’ve heard you…you are tired of toys that make noise…you are tired of toys that have flashing lights…you are tired of toys that have lots and lots and lots of complicated instructions on how to use…and you are definitely tired of having to buy battery after battery after battery to make said toys run. Well…now you’ve got Piggy Wiggies! Adorable, collectible, soft and fun – Piggy Wiggies are just what they are – hand crafted collectibles for your kids to hold, collect and play pretend with. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

As long as your kids don’t misplace their Piggy Wiggies, there are no durability concerns here. Each Piggy Wiggy is hand-crafted, but they are very well made and should last just fine. We saw no signs of breakdown or wear and tear.

We love when this happens – and we are happy to say it happened again…5 stars are not enough! Piggy Wiggies are absolutely adorable. Boys, girls, little kids and bigger kids, even a few Moms and Dads fell in love at first sight with Piggy Wiggies. If you have an animal lover, a collectible lover, a stuffed-animal lover and a pretend play lover – you’ll have a child that will fall in love with Piggy Wiggies too.

In a world of iPods and iPads, computer games and more a toy like Piggy Wiggies doesn’t exactly offer much in terms of functionality. Yes, it does encourage kids to collect and pretend play, but the uses don’t go much beyond that.

In a blind survey many of our parents wanted to price their Piggy Wiggies between $5 and $7. With actual retail prices that land between $7 and $13 – the price is a bit more. The biggest comparisons were to some of the other collectible stuffed animals out there, and while the pricing was similar, some of those other collectibles do offer an online component for additional learning and play. We know that isn’t the point of Piggy Wiggies, but we also know the price is the same as those with a bit more to offer.

This was a pretty heavily discussed category for us. On one hand – we’ve seen plenty of stuffed toys come through our office – so that doesn’t scream originality. On the other hand, we haven’t seen any toys with the look and style of Piggy Wiggies. They are chic, they are adorable, they are unique, and they certainly don’t look like a Beanie Baby! So…you’ve got unique designs, in a market that does exist. Not the ultimate in originality, but still pretty strong.

Piggy Wiggies are super cute and super fun! Absolutely easy to use, definitely durable, and 100% stunning when it comes to visual appeal. The idea itself isn’t brand new, and the pricing might be slightly higher than you might be hoping for, but if you are looking for that special little something for that special little someone in your life we think you’ve found it. We love these little Piggy Wiggies and we know your kids will too!

Manufacturer: Piggy Wiggies
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $6.99 - $12.99
On the Web: www.piggywiggies.com
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