Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners Toddler Potty-Training Product Review

Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners are designed to take the mess out of your child’s potty training experience. No more dumping or pouring your little one’s success into the toilet and then trying to clean and sanitize the potty chair for the next use. Tidy Tots was created to put an end to wiping out what is left behind and cleaning after your child’s potty training session. Open the potty liner, smooth it into place, and add a Tidy Tots super-absorbent pad. The super-absorbent pad is designed to absorb more than your child can create in one sitting, so you can choose to change the liner after each use or wait for 2-3 uses. When finished, simply remove the liner from the removable potty chair bowl, pull the draw-tape closure and tie it closed. Simply discard the liner just as you would dispose of a diaper.

Oh the pleasures of potty training! Ask any parent who has been through the fun, messy, stinky process – and they’ll be more than happy to share their not-so-fun story. There really isn’t anything easy about potty training – until now! Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners are easy to use and make one of the more yuckified problems faced during potty training not quite so yucky. Simply place the uniquely designed potty liner in pretty much any portable potty seat, drop in an absorbent pad, and let nature take its course! The absorbent pads are designed to handle 2 or 3 visits to the potty. When finished simply wrap up the liner like a garbage bag and dispose. You won’t have to dump out the mess into a toilet and you won’t have to clean out the portable potty. Easy for sure!

Each Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liner pack includes 16 super-absorbent pads and liners. The Tidy Tots folks say that is a large enough supply to use for 48 uses. Some on our team weren’t quite so interested in stretching out the uses quite that much – in fact many weren’t thrilled with using it more than once. The bags themselves held up fine, but some on our team would have liked to see more included in the package.

Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Liners fit in every portable potty we tried – and there’s no reason to believe that they won’t fit in all on the market. The super-absorbent pad was just that – super-absorbent. And when it was time to eliminate the waste, simply take off the bag, tie it up and throw it away. Excellent functionality for standard use.

Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners are designed to fit in most any potty chair. Simply cover the removable bowl of your potty chair with a Tidy Tots™ plastic disposable

There was one other detail that our team wanted to be sure to share in the Functionality category – and that is using Tidy Tots on trips. If you’ve got little kids, toss some Tidy Tots and a portable potty seat in the back of the car or van and you’ve got a clean, portable potty solution on the go!

This was a pretty hotly contested category for an item that costs less than $10! As we mentioned, each Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liner box includes 16 liners and 16 super-absorbent pads. To some – that meant 48 uses. To others – that meant 16 uses. For those that pushed the use to 48 – they were looking at approximately 19-cents per use. For those that only got 16 uses out of the box – they were looking at a little more than 56-cents per use. Compared to what our deal-seekers think is a good cost for a diaper (between 16 and 20-cents), and are single use-users weren’t quite as pleased as are multi-use users.

We’ve actually had the opportunity to review a similar product and to be fair, both performed very well. We like the drawstring bag and the super-absorbent pad as nice additions to Tidy Tots, but all in all we can’t say that we’ve never seen anything like this before. (Editor’s Note – and you people though it was all toys and games for our team!)

If you are looking for a super-practical, super-functional solution to take some of the yuck out of potty training, look no further than Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners. They are easy-to-use and work with virtually every potty-seat. They are excellent for in-home potty training, and excellent for bathroom breaks on the go. Pricing is fair – especially if you can convince yourself to get a few uses out of each liner when you can. Great idea, great quality – potty training parents the world over can breathe a little easier with the help of Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners!

Manufacturer: Tidy Tots
Recommended Age: Potty Training Toddlers
Retail Price: $8.99
On the Web: www.tidytots.com
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