Pawparazzi – Little Pets Living Big Lives Girls Toy Product Review

Pawparazzi are all the rage in the world of plush, collectible toys!  Unique personalities, engaging accessories, and an exciting (free!) online world – – encourage young girls to express themselves and use their imaginations for hours of creative play.  These miniature celebrity pets aren’t just toys, they’re an experience!

Descriptions of Cooper and Salsa are below (the Pawparazzi pets we met/reviewed) – meet the rest of the pets online @

Cooper, Legendary Surfer Dude, is ready to hit the beach!  With the pawsome beach playstage built into his box he’ll be hanging 16 right out of the package!  Set Includes: Pet, Purse, Blanket, Trading Card, Surfboard, Board Shorts, 8.5″ x 11″ Poster, and Beach Scene Playstage

Salsa, Latina Singing Sensation, loves to sing and dance!  There’s nothing she likes more than getting people to move their paws and shake their tails to her music!  She sings in Spanish and English and loves to share the tempo of her Latin culture.  Salsa Set Includes: Pet, Purse, Blanket, Trading Card, Guitar, Sparkly Dress, 8.5″ x 11″ Poster, and Concert Scene Playstage.

Pawparazzi are adorable collectible for girls that combine pretend play, collecting and an online world for all encompassing fun. Hand a Pawparazzi box over to your favorite little lady and watch the fun begin. We especially liked that the Pawparazzi sets include something for girls of all ages. The younger girls just love playing with the little puppies, carrying them in their designer-style carry-bags, and pretending with them on their included backgrounds. For girls that were a bit older, we were so pleased to see the way that they took their Pawparazzi pet online and explored their virtual world. Easy for younger girls, easy for older girls!

The Pawparazzi pets are designed well to last long. The dogs and the accessories were made strong and showed no signs of breakdown or wear with extended play.

OK – if you’ve never been inside the mind of a 4-11 year old girl you won’t necessarily understand the appeal of the Pawparazzi pets! However, if you’ve ever been a 4-11 year old girl, or if you have one of your own – you know that these little Pawparazzi include so many things that little girls love! Cute puppies, fun clothing, adorable accessories, a background to play pretend on, and an online world to explore! And all are visually stunning! Off the charts visual appeal!

Please read above! Seriously – your little girl can collect, play pretend, dress-up, carry around, accessorize and play online with their Pawparazzi. Plenty of functionality to go around!

As always, Cost Efficiency is our toughest category. While Pawparazzi does include a lot of accessories to play with, this isn’t the first collectible with an online component. The problem being that some of the other collectibles with online fun are priced a bit cheaper – and in some cases – as low as half the price. With that in mind, our team had a hard time awarding more than 3 stars in Cost Efficiency. We’re not saying Pawparazzi are exactly overpriced, we’re just saying there are less expensive options out there.

On one hand, we were blown away by the creativity and unique design of the Pawparazzi. We love the puppies, the accessories and the idea. On the other hand, as we mentioned above, we have seen other collectibles with online components – so we couldn’t call Pawparazzi a totally groundbreaking toy idea.

Pawparazzi are absolutely adorable and if your little lady loves pretend, loves puppies, loves collecting or loves playing online, she is absolutely going to love the newest member of her family! Easy to use for girls of all ages, durable, functional and fun, Pawparazzi offer something for everyone! There are less expensive collectibles out there, but none that pack quite so much fun pretend play with the online component. Your little lady is sure to light up when she gets her first Pawparazzi!

Manufacturer: Noodle Head, Inc.
Recommended Age: 4 years to 11 years
Retail Price: $22.00
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