Joovy Room Playard Nursery Center Baby Product Review

The Joovy Room has elevated the playard to a new level. This premier, full-feature nursery center is a bassinet, changing station and playard, all in one.

The Room has Joovy’s contemporary styling and gives a fresh look to the playard category. Joovy takes pride in using the highest-grade fabrics on the market today – their 600D nylon fabric is super strong, durable and stain resistant.

The full-size bassinet on the Room holds an infant up to 15 pounds. Joovy includes a 100% cotton sheet that works in the bassinet or playard floor (additional sheets are sold separately).

The removable changing table has a vinyl top and supports a baby up to 25 pounds. It also includes four storage pockets to hold your essentials.

The parent organizer is the biggest available on a playard with 9 storage compartments (including a hard plastic top for wipes); it holds up to 9 lbs. of nursery items.

The Room has two wheels to make the Room easy to move around your home. The built-in MP3 (iPod) jack with speaker allows you to play your personal playlist or the integrated music with sleep mode. Your child will enjoy playing or sleeping to his favorite nursery tunes.

The Room is also equipped with a built-in nightlight positioned to work inside the bassinet or playard.The Room includes a zippered travel bag for when you are on the go.


Whoa…where to start…there is so much going on with the amazing Joovy Room Playard that getting a grasp on whether it is easy to use or not is sort of overwhelming! We’ll start by saying set-up is easy. Out of the box and into full sleep position just takes a minute or two, which is well in line with other Pack and Plays on the market.

The Changing Table provides a perfect place for diaper changes and it wipes easily clean with a wet cloth or wipe. The integrated sound system and light are a wonderful bonus and are easy to use as well. The four storage pockets are a big bonus – making the Room even easier to use for changing.

One caveat that we felt was probably best to mention here – the Room is heavy. We’re not just talking a little heavy – we’re talking 34 pounds heavy – which is considerably heavier than other Pack and Plays on the market. That doesn’t make it any less easy to use, just a little less easy to transport.

We opened the Room, we closed the Room, we changed diapers, we wiped the vinyl clean – no durability issues whatsoever. If anything the Room is made extra strong, extra durable, providing a more stable, sturdy sleep, play and changing place.

Joovy always excels when it comes to aesthetics – and they don’t disappoint with the Room. If you like a contemporary, clean, modern-look, you are going to love the Room. Available in typical Joovy colors (black, blueberry and orangie) there will certainly be a color fit for you and your little one. Without crazy patterns, the Room has a sophisticated enough look to fit in Mom and Dad’s room, and a fun enough look for baby’s room.

Did you happen to read all of the items we mentioned in Ease of Use? In case you didn’t we’ll refresh. The Room is a playard, a safe sleeping place, has a changing table, music and lighting, and an amazing amount of storage. It sets up and breaks down quickly and easily. It has two wheels that allow you to more easily move it from room to room in your home. Short of changing your child for you, this little number has it all!

And….here is the only downside we found…the price. Joovy is known for making products that are top quality and top notch, and in this case it shows in their pricing. With a suggested retail price of around $270 the Room is expensive – no two ways about it. There are Pack and Plays on the market that are half the price (or less), and while they don’t even come close to the features and function of the Room, they are a place to stash your little one when you need a portable sleep and play option. On the other hand, we have not seen a single pack and play come with this much functionality and usability. If you want the ultimate play yard – this is it! But be warned, you’ll be paying for it.

Obviously there are plenty of play yards or pack and plays on the market, so the concept isn’t exactly all original. However, the Room has it all! Look – it is properly named – it packs everything into and onto this portable pack and play option – soup to nuts – it has it all. If that isn’t putting an original twist on it, we don’t know what is.

The Joovy Room is heavy and it is expensive. There we said it. If you can get past those two factors (and we know some parents can’t), then you are looking at the ultimate pack and play option on the market today. It has everything you need. It’s easy to use. It is unbelievably functional. And it is definitely durable. The style is gorgeous. We love everything about the Room (except the price and weight). Even with those two factors weighing down our review (get it!), we are proud to call this one of the finest pack and play options we have ever seen. The Joovy Room is amazing!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: Newborn - 35" tall
Retail Price: $269.99
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