Juno Baby – Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt DVD

Created by mom and Emmy Award winning composer Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., Juno Baby’s critically-acclaimed DVDs, CDs and books are built around your child’s developing mind. Children laugh, sing and discover the magic of music on the fun-filled musical adventures of Juno and her lovable puppet friends.

Indie lost his teddy bear, and needs your child’s help to find it by solving clues and playing along. This musical journey features interactive learning concepts to engage your children while exposing them to foreign language and classical music.

Editor’s Note: For every Juno product sold, The Juno Company donates a very special music education DVD to a child in need.

If you think popping in a DVD is an easy way to occupy your little ones, you obviously don’t have little ones! If a DVD isn’t interesting or stimulating to your child they aren’t going to sit long enough to watch or learn anything. Happily, with Juno Baby DVDs that isn’t something you have to worry about! Between the bright, colorful images, the fun puppet characters and the wonderfully scored songs your children will not only sit still – they’ll want more! Now that is easy!

As with all DVDs, we’re cautious to award to many stars in the durability department. Obviously, when an adult handles a DVD there is no cause for concern as far as durability goes. However, there is just something about those shiny discs that attract the attention of little eyes and hands, and those little hands tend to bring dirt, slime and such with them wherever they go. Meaning, keep the DVDs well out of reach, or you’ll be facing some breakdown quicker than necessary.

Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt (as well as all of the Juno Baby DVDs) is off the charts! Adorable, fun, bright, colorful, entertaining! Think of your favorite words to describe the look of your favorite kids DVDs and you’ll find them all here! Very well thought out and very well produced!

Cost Efficiency is just a difficult category overall, but it seems to be even more difficult when it comes to DVDs. The problem is there are just so many DVDs out there for kids these days that it is hard to pay high prices for them. In a blind survey our parents priced Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt right around $10. With an actual retail price of $17.99 – some just felt it was too expensive to buy. That isn’t to say the DVD isn’t fun, entertaining, or produced well – it just means they’d rather spend closer to $10 when making DVD purchases.

Original characters, original story lines, original music – Juno Baby puts all of that together and comes up with wonderfully original, imaginative and fun stories for your little ones. Of course there are other DVDs out there targeted for toddlers, but not all are quite as engaging and quite as entertaining as Juno Baby.

When we set out to review Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt we familiarized ourselves with as much of the Juno Baby and Juno Jr. line as we could. Between wonderful original DVDs, CDs and even books we were more than impressed with the depth of the line. But we took it one step further. We watched the DVDs and we see how kids react to the characters. We listened to the story lines and watched how kids are quickly engaged and interested in the stories and where they are going. Juno Baby DVDs are top quality, very well produced – and your kid are going to love the characters. And you are going to love the way your kids interact with the story as they work through the adventures with Juno and her friends. The visuals are top quality, the score is high level and the messages are wonderful. Excellent addition or a great start to your little one’s DVD collection!

Manufacturer: The Juno Company
Recommended Age: 12 months - 5 years
Retail Price: $17.99
On the Web: www.thejunocompany.com
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