SwimZip Easy-on, Easy-off, Protective Swim Shirt for Kids Product Review

SwimZip UV Shirts are the designed to block the sun’s harmful rays and be extra easy to put on and take off! All SwimZips are UV 50+ which block 99% of UVA and UVB rays and are Chlorine resistant. Your kid will look stylish wearing their SwimZip shirt and you will love the full length zipper down the front which is uniquely designed to provide easy-on, easy-off when the are ready to head out in the sun!

  • UPF 50+ rash guard
  • Full zipper front
  • Flat seams
  • Quality stretch lycra/nylon construction
  • Zipper flap for safer zipping
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Comfy tagless neck

Oh the wonders of putting your little ones in a dry, tight swim shirt…followed by the fun of squeezing and pulling them out of a wet, tight swim shirt after a day in the water! Kids dread it….Moms and Dads hate it! And thanks to SwimZip all of that pulling, tugging, grunting and crying is gone! SwimZip zips right up and down the front of the shirt making putting this swim shirt on and taking it off a breeze! With SwimZip getting into and out of a swim shirt could not be any easier!

After several uses in and out of the water and on and off of bodies we found no breakdown in materials whatsover. The seams held tigh and the colors held strong. No durability concerns.

With a design perfect for little boys and one perfect for little girls, SwimZip has created swim shirts that your kids are going to love to wear. The “South Seas Turtle” Design for boys is a deep navy blue with aqua highlights and a few adorable sea turtles positioned over the breast and side. The “Caribbean” Dolphin” Design for girls is bright pink with a few adorable dolphins positioned over the breast and side. Each look is fun for kids and bound to match most if not all of their current swim trunks or bottoms.

As toy and product reviewers (and not scientists) we looked at functionality strictly from an on and off perspective (not from UV-blocking as we can’t possibly rate on the quality of protection). However, on the parts that we can review – on/off and zipper function, we were extremely pleased. SwimZip eliminates that annoying struggle to put one of those tight rash guard shirts on your child before water fun. And assuming the UV Protection is accurate it eases some of the sun-screening challenge. (For those that don’t know the sun-screening challenge is trying to apply any type of sunscreen to your little one as they wriggle, laugh, giggle and fight their way out of your slippery grip.) Easy on, easy off – is SwimZip functional? Absolutely!

Always are most hotly debated category, and once again Cost Efficiency doesn’t disappoint. First off – if you are looking at a simple rash guard, you might feel that SwimZip is a bit expensive. True, at just under $25 you can find less expensive swim shirts on the market. On the other hand, none are this functional, none are this easy to put on and take off of your child, and not all include the same level of UV protection. With that in mind the price starts to fall into a more acceptable area.

How brilliant! Is it a totally new concept? No – rash guards and swim shirts have been around for quite some time now. Even with UV protection included. But put in a simple zipper and we are looking at a game changing product! Put a simple concept together with an established, important product and the result is an all-original must have!

If you couldn’t tell, we really love SwimZip! Bottom line, we didn’t know how tired of the pushing and pulling of putting a swim shirt on and taking a swim shirt off of our kids until we used a SwimZip!  It is just so easy to use, the zipper is smooth, holds tight, and is flat stitched on so it won’t itch or bother your kids. Functionality goes hand-in-hand with Ease of Use – it just works and works well. And yes, while it isn’t so far off in the design of ordinary rash guards with UV protection, SwimZip swim shirts make you wonder why all aren’t made this way. We loved reviewing the SwimZip – and we are sure that your kids will love it too!

Manufacturer: SwimZip
Recommended Age: 1 - 5 years old
Retail Price: $24.99
On the Web: www.swimzip.com
Buy It Here: