HEXBUG Nano Raceway Habitat Set Product Review

Put your HEXBUG Nanos to the ultimate speed test with the Raceway Habitat Set. Use the included easy connect pieces to customize your track. Included Starting Gates and Magic Track hold Nanos in place until you release them and then the race is on! Whichever Nano passes through the Finish Gate and raises the checkered flag is the winner!

Each Raceway Habitat Sets comes with 2 extremely rare Nano mutations, special Nano Speed Shells and 28 easy connect pieces, giving you the freedom to get creative and customize your Nano Raceway.

  • Contains 2 extremely rare mutations
  • Everything you need race HEXBUG Nanos against each other!
  • Contains:
    • 2 easy connect Starting Gates
    • 2 easy connect Magic Track straight pieces
    • 2 easy connect Finish Gates
    • 6 easy connect curved pieces
    • 8 easy connect straight pieces
    • 2 easy connect hex cell pieces
    • 2 easy connect “Y” track pieces
    • 2 easy connect “Y” turnaround track pieces
    • 2 easy connect one way gates
    • 2 HEXBUG Nano Speed Shells
    • 2 HEXBUG Nano specimens

HEXBUGs are making quite a name for themselves on the pages of this website, toy stores and kids’ play rooms across the land! And with good reason – starting with ease of use! We love how easily and simply all of the included pieces attach, allowing your kids to design a classic raceway, or a unique set-up all their own. Yes, little kids will need a little extra attention the first time or two they set up the track, but kids a bit further into the demo will have no problem creating the raceway of their dreams!

Once again, the good folks behind the HEXBUGs knew what they were doing when they designed this set. The raceway pieces are all solid plastic, attach and detach easily, and are made to last. It is true that the little Nanos themselves may take off on you and be a bit harder for little kids to track down, but all in all no durability concerns whatsoever.

Come on…5 stars just isn’t enough! We’re talking about combining HEXBUG Nanos – which alone are cool enough to attract your child’s eye, add in a totally buildable and customizable raceway, along with an opportunity to let your kid’s imagination run wild! It doesn’t get any better from a visual perspective!

In some of the other racing sets that we’ve seen, be it slot cars or Matchbox style cars, some of the sets just don’t offer any customization…they are a track that you have to build according to spec, or it is just a straight shot track. The HEXBUG Nano Raceway offers two options – designs they recommend – and the opportunity for your kids to just create! Your child will have a blast assembling the track, disassembling the track, creating their own raceways and racing. Plenty of functionality to go around!

And…here we are again….at Cost Efficiency. And once again a HEXBUG product falls on the expensive to very expensive side of things. With a suggested retail price of just under $50 the HEXBUG Nano Raceway Habitat Set does not fit into every family’s toy budget – we wish it did – but it doesn’t. With that in mind, the cost alone is going to keep some families from making this purchase. But we will say this – if the price isn’t too overwhelming, or you’ve been saving up for a special gift – this is a great option. Kids can have fun on so many different levels when playing with it that the dollars start to come back into line.

We’re not sure how they do it, but the people behind the HEXBUG just keep finding newer and cooler ways for kids to enjoy the HEXBUG world. We’ve seen battles, we’ve seen habitats, now we’ve got a raceway – and we love it!

Allright HEXBUG fans – start your engines because the race is on! In case you haven’t noticed the HEXBUG craze is sweeping the nation – and the Raceway Habitat Set is just another in a line of really, really cool HEXBUG products! The set is definitely easy to use, and made strong to last long! Kids are going to be immediately drawn to play with it by it’s super cool look, and the set itself offers so many different options for play that your little ones will find tons of fun waiting for them in this box. The price is high – no getting around that – but if you can get past that obstacle your kids are in for a treat. In this season’s race for the coolest toy options – we’ve got another winner – the HEXBUG Nano Raceway Habitat Set!

Manufacturer: Innovation First Labs, Inc.
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $49.99
On the Web: www.hexbug.com
Buy It Here: