SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet Product Review

Now you can wear your Sqwishland collection! The Sqwishland Soft n’ SquishyTM Bracelet is a fun new way to bring your Sqwishland collection with you while you’re on-the-go! You can customize your bracelet with seven of your favorite Sqwishlanders. Mix and match different Sqwishlanders depending on your mood or outfit. The Soft n’ SquishyTM Bracelet comes with 1 Crazy Rare Sqwishlander in a capsule.

A unique Sqwishland SqwishCode comes with each bracelet to unlock new cool stuff, play games and interact with other Sqwishland collectors at www.sqwishland.com.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD : Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs

No batteries required! No crazy directions! Hand a SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet over to your little one and step out of the way – they’ll know just what to do with it! Each bracelet holds up to 7 SqwishLanders allowing your kids to wear their favorites and take them everywhere they go. Additionally, each bracelet comes with a unique code to unlock some cool new stuff at SqwishLand.com – parents may need to help out online, but for the purposes of our review we are only focussing on the actual bracelet.

The SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet in and of itself is fairly durable, made of a soft, yet strong material. The only concern that we have with it – and it is a big concern – is to how well the SqwishLanders hold on to the bracelet. When our kids put their SqwishLanders on originally – no problems – but the more they took them off and played with them – the more worried we became about them losing some of their favorites. If you have kids that are gentle, then the SqwishLanders should hang on fine…If you have kids that are a bit more rough and tumble you’ll want to make sure they take their bracelet off before play to make sure they don’t lose any SqwishLanders.

No question here – if your kids love SqwishLand – they will love the look of this bracelet. Plus there are 4 different colors to choose from – so they even worked in a little more style.

If we keep the focus on just the bracelet (and not the website) the functionality is a bit limited. Obviously, this is a way for your kids to wear and display their favorite SqwishLanders…but that is where the functionality ends.

Three cheers for the folks from SqwishLand – they definitely got this one right! If you read our reviews regularly you know this is probably the toughest category we have. There are just so many toys out there – and with budgets getting tighter and tighter parents are more cautious than ever as to how you spend your hard earned dollars. With a suggested retail price of just $2.99 we are happy to report that SqwishLand gets it! You don’t have to arbitrarily charge high prices just to make more money…they are charging a fair price that is well worth paying for the SqwishLand fan in your life!

Yes, there are a few different little collectible-type-figurines out on the market today, but we’ve never seen a way for kids to play and display with them like the bracelet. It’s a unique, fun idea – definitely original!

First off, we have to look at a toy like this not as an introduction to the world of SqwishLand, but more as an add on for kids that are already in love with their little SqwishLanders. If you have kids that fall into that category than they will love a SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet! And maybe best of all you’ll love the price! Be warned that the pieces are small and by wearing them your kids do risk the chance of them falling off and being lost. Yet if that is a risk they are willing to take, they are going to be thrilled with their SqwishLand Soft’n Squishy Bracelet!

Manufacturer: SqwishLand, LLC
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $2.99
On the Web: www.SqwishLand.com
Buy It Here: