Tykelight GloMate Plus Huggable Nightlight from Mobi Technologies

Mobi’s GloMate Plus is a huggable multi-colored portable light suitable for play, nighttime or travel. It’s BPA-free, safety tested, certified and made of impact-resistant plastic with an easy-to-clean surface so it can withstand heavy toddler use. Powered by heat-free LED bulbs it can lie in bed, slowly dimming over 15 minutes, to help your kidlets transition to a “lights-out” room. The light cycles slowly through red, green, blue and rainbow or can be set to remain on a solid color. The GloMate Plus automatically turns on when removed from the charging station or in the event of a power outage.  The built-in battery is good for up to a 10 hour charge.

  • LED light gives off no heat
  • Blue, green, red or rainbow colors
  • Colors can be cycled
  • 15-minute dim-to-sleep mode in all colors
  • Easy to clean soft-touch surface
  • Safe and durable – impact resistant plastic for little ruffians
  • Kid-friendly auto-on for grab-n-go action
  • Auto-on during power outage
  • BPA and Lead Free…Safety Tested and Certified
  • Glows 10 hours per charge
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery

Out of the packaging and into the charging base takes just a few seconds with the GloMate Plus. Setting the color or selecting rotating colors is easy enough as well. When it is time for bed, hand over the GloMate Plus to your child and they’ve got a huggable, holdable nightlight that should help soothe them to sleep. All of the operation and use is easy enough. We had a few GloMate Plus units in the hands of our review team and their kids and their was one issue (which looks like it will make an appearance in a few of our categories) – and that was recharging and the contacts used to do so. After a few uses some of the folks on our review team reported back that the charging wasn’t going as smooth as it should be. A little fluttering, a little flickering in the red/green light to show charging didn’t make all members of the team happy. With a little tinkering and adjusting they were able to get steady charges, but it did create a little cause for concern.

Following on the above concerns, when the charging issue started to pop up, there was reason to downgrade durability slightly. If we look at the unit in two parts – the huggable GloMate itself and the base, we found that the GloMate was excellent for kids in the durability department. He was great to hold onto, the lights rotated and held well, and even with chewing, slobbering and dropping, there were no issues with the GloMate unit itself. Now if we move to the charging base, it would seem that this is where some durability problems crept in for those that had a bit more trouble getting a steady charge day after day. We should say that not all of the units we tested had this issue, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it.

No issues here – GloMate Plus really looks awesome! Parents (and eventually older kids) can choose to set the GloMate Plus on rotating colors or pick their favorite. We found the light that was emitted to be soft and comforting – and if anything – even a little mesmerizing which at bedtime for little one can be a real plus helping them clear their minds. All of the kids we showed this too loved it – especially when the lights were out!

When working properly, GloMate Plus offers excellent functionality. It charges well, it transfers to a crib or base, is easy to hold and offers a variety of soothing nightlight colors. However, if the contacts for charging aren’t working well, well then that sort of all goes out the window. So…when functioning properly – top marks, when not -well…you get the idea.

In a blind survey our team priced GloMate Plus right around $15. With an actual retail price of just under $20, GloMate Plus wasn’t too far off our expectations. And GloMate Plus falls right in line with our suggested gift giving value of $20.

We’ve seen lots of nightlights, some that are huggable, and we’ve even seen an earlier model of the GloMate. Mobi definitely added some new features and functionality, but it isn’t a total redesign or a totally brand new never seen before product.

Let’s start by saying this – our review team really, really loved the GloMate Plus when it was working well. And well, you can imagine how they felt when it faltered a bit. To be fair, we didn’t see many issues, just a charging issue with some which could be a unit gone bad – look it happens. When the GloMate Plus is working well you are giving your child really what might be considered the ultimate nightlight. It can cycle through warm, adorable colors, or can hold on their favorite. You can set it to turn off after a while so it doesn’t stay on all night. And in the morning you can pop the GloMate Plus back on the charger and if all is working properly, it is ready for nap time or night time in just an hour or so. The Tykelight GloMate Plus is a great option for toddlers and kids who need that extra something to ease off into la-la-land.

Manufacturer: MOBI Technologies, Inc.
Recommended Age: 2 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.getmobi.com
Buy It Here: