Meowsic Keyboard from B. Toys Product Review


Kids can play along to 20 of their favorite songs using the Meowsic’s 5 different instruments, including a retractable mic, and 5 rhythm sounds, as well as our lyric book. Or switch it up and try Meowsic’s unique 7 witty kitty sounds. The Meowsic allows you to control your own volume, beat and tempo, and includes an auto-off feature.

Oh Meowsic, it has been a while since we’ve reviewed a child’s play instrument, and thank you for coming into our life! Often we forget how fun and easy an instrument designed for little ones can be. Turn Meowsic on and watch as your kids press buttons, play notes, bang on the keyboard and make all sorts of fun musical and kitty sounds. They’ll pull the mic out and start singing, they’ll dance, and they’ll laugh. On the other hand, they might not make any sounds that closely resemble music, but that’s ok – Meowsic isn’t for the classical composer, more for the music loving little one!

Did you see the part above where we mentioned banging on the keys, pulling on the mic, etc. It’s clear that the good folks from B. Toys knew what they were doing when they constructed Meowsic, because for the most part we found no immediate breakdown of parts or pieces. There is an auto-off feature to help save your batteries. However, if your kids are like our kids, Meowsic is going to take a beating – and after a bit that retractable mic just might not retract, and some of those keys might not make special sounds. Be warned, while Meowsic is pretty well made, it will only hold up for a long time if your kids go easy on it.

No question kids love the look of Meowsic. This little kitty is packed with bright, fun colors, and once they figure out to start pressing buttons and keys to make sounds, the fun is even bigger. Super visual!

Meowsic has the equipment to offer tons of sounds and music – including 5 different instruments, 20 programmed songs, even kitty noises. The retractable mic adds another fun factor. When it comes to a play piano/keyboard for your child, you really can’t ask for much more.

Ahhhh….Cost Efficiency….you’ve done it again. In a blind survey our parents priced Meowsic right around $20. With an actual retail price of just under $30, according to our parents Meowsic is priced about 30% too high. Meowsic is loaded with functionality so that isn’t the issue. We just had one too many parents on our team that said they have had similar toys that just start to break down after some rough play, and they would rather spend less on a toy than $30.

Not the first kids piano we’ve ever seen, but this is the first one with such a unique style. The colors are adorable, and while some of the additional instruments, songs and beats are becoming more standard, the kitty noises aren’t. Nice creativity added to a toy we’ve seen before.

Meowsic isn’t exactly going to turn your child into the next Mozart…once you accept that we think you’ll have a greater appreciation for all that little Meowsic has to offer! The keyboard is certainly easy to use, and in the blink of an eye your child is going to be playing music and making all sorts of wonderful sounds! Meowsic is durable enough, just try to keep kids on the younger end of the spectrum from picking it up over their heads and dropping it. Meowsic is packed solid with functionality and sounds to happily entertain and engage. The price was higher than we liked, but that really isn’t a surprise when it comes to our evaluations. All in all if you are looking for a fun toy to introduce your child to the endless world of music Meowsic is a nice choice!

Manufacturer: B. Toys
Recommended Age: 2 years to 6 years
Retail Price: $29.99
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