MicroPro 48 Piece Microscope Set from Educational Insights

This set features glass eyepieces and power settings from 50x to 600x for superior precision viewing and a built-in light and rach-and-pinion focusing for bright, clear images. The 48-piece kit has professionally prepared slides and everything users need to make their own specimen slides.

Just how easy is it to use a microscope? Great question – and one that we had a bit of trouble answering. Adults working with the MicroPro Microscope should have no trouble using, focusing, exploring, placing slides in, making new slides and more. However, kids on the younger side of the recommended age range may need a bit more assistance. Some kids are going to take right to the microscope and be able to work with it, learn with it and enjoy exploring science. Some kids are going to need lots of help from their parents as they get started.

The MicroPro Microscope that we worked with held up well to a good amount of use, play and fun. We had a variety of ages working with it, including some younger than the recommended age, and it held up pretty well. If the bulb ever goes out, it is something that should be fairly easy to replace. The┬áprepared slides are great – and should last. Creating new slides is a bit more of a delicate activity and should be treated as such. The only other concern we had was in the number of pieces in the kit and the opportunity for losing them. Kind of like a board game – if your child is gentle and good at organized clean-up, there shouldn’t be much concern for misplacing pieces. If your child is more like the rest of our kids then you’ll want to help with clean-up to keep all of the pieces together.

The MicroPro Microscope has the look and feel of a quality learning tool – one that kids who find themselves interested in science and the world around them are going to be absolutely impressed with. No questions here!

Here was another pretty heavily debated category for us. On one hand, as a starter microscope there really is a lot of functionality here. Different power settings, prepared slides, slides that you can make yourself – for a younger child that is plenty of functionality. On the other hand, if you are looking at a microscope for an older child, say middle school or high school age you may want to move up a notch to a more powerful, more professional style model to capture additional functionality.

With a suggested retail price of $39.99, this MicroPro Microscope isn’t exactly inexpensive. $40 is a pretty substantial purchase when you are looking at a toy. However, you might not want to look at this as just a regular toy, but more of a learning tool. And from that perspective, the price starts to move to a bit better range. Add in all of the pieces you receive and you’ll start to see for a microscope that is more science tool than toy, you are getting a pretty good value at $39.99.

There are other microscopes on the market, some higher end, some lower end. We found this to be right in the middle, which is a great place to start for elementary age learning, but it wasn’t overly original in design or function.

If you have an elementary age child who loves learning and loves science, the MicroPro 48 Piece Microscope Set is going to be a hit. With some practice and help from Mom and Dad they’ll be able to work with and learn with it in no time, exploring the┬áprepared slides and making some of their own. The functionality is pretty solid for a starter microscope and it should hold up pretty well. Pricing is fair, and your kids will definitely be interseted in working with it. The MicroPro 48 Piece Microscope is a nice set for junior scientists everywhere!

Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $39.99
On the Web: www.educationalinsights.com
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