Joovy Foocot Child Cot Travel Bed Product Review

The Joovy Foocot is a kid’s dream cot! Your child will love knowing where they will nap or sleep while they are away from their own bed. Parents love the flexibility and portability of the Foocot.

Setting up the cot in new locations gives your child a secure and early sense of where they will sleep, making bedtime or nap-time much easier. Parents love the ease of use and compactness of the Foocot. It is perfect for travel, special occasions, sleepovers, cruises, hotels, camping and playing.

The Foocot has two storage pockets perfect for storing a flashlight, toothbrush, snacks, special toy or
favorite book.

The Foocot supports a child up to 48 inches tall or 75 pounds. This very durable children’s cot is made of a sturdy steel frame with top grade 600D nylon fabric. Each Foocot includes a heavy-duty 100% cotton sheet (additional sheets sold separately). It folds ultra-small for travel convenience and comes with a travel bag made of the same 600D nylon.

For added comfort, an optional Foocot Quilted Mattress Pad is available (sold separately).

If you’ve ever travelled with a child (and we’ll assume you have if you are reading our website) you are well aware of the difficulties sleep time can bring. First off – you are asking your child to sleep in a new or strange place. Next, there often isn’t a separate bed for them, so they are either bunking with you or hitting the floor with a sleeping bag. Now, thanks to the Foocot from Joovy your child has a portable, clean, safe bed with them wherever they go! And unlike some pack and plays that we have reviewed in the past, there are no difficult set-ups here. Simply pull the Foocot out of the convenient carry case, pull the legs apart until you hear the snap lock in place. Put the included cotton sheet over the top (if you choose) and your little one has a private bed all their own. And when it is time for you to pack up or hit the road simply release the lock, push the legs together and place Foocot back in the carry bag. Foocot is amazingly easy!

We opened and closed the Foocot. We had little ones on and off the Foocot. We even had some older little ones open and close the Foocot all by themselves – and lets just say they don’t always have the most delicate technique. And after all of that we found no worry in the durability department. The fabric of the cot itself is the same fabric that Joovy uses in their strollers which in most cases are going to get a lot more use than this cot ever will – and those hold up great. No durability issues.

Oh – it looks cool allright. Like all Joovy products, the Foocot has clean, modern lines and fun colors. But the style isn’t quite where the Visual Appeal lies with the Foocot. The Visual Appeal is all in the function. Not sure what we mean? Easy test – unpack a Foocot and place it in a room. In seconds you will have kids literally flocking to this portable bed trying to make it their own. Kids fall in love with the Foocot immediately. Remember, the goal is to get them sleeping off of dirty, dusty hotel floors and out of your bed – Foocot handles that easily!

From a Functionality perspective you can’t ask for more. Foocot is lightweight and easy to take with you on the go. It sets up and breaks down in mere seconds. Foocot offers a comfortable, clean place for your child to sleep anyday, anytime, anywhere. Foocot even has two built in pouches perfect for water, books, stuffed animals and more. What more could you ask for?

Once again, Joovy has positioned themselves as a bit of a higher end company, with prices that aren’t necessarily in the price range for every family. The Foocot carries a suggested retail price of just under $70. To many families that is just too much, especially when you can pick up a sleeping bag or mat for $10-$20. Now don’t get us wrong – we don’t think a sleeping bag or mat is even in the same category as the Foocot, but for some parents we know this portable sleeping solution is too expensive. On the other hand, if your child naps or sleeps out often (say at Grandma or Grandpa’s house) the Foocot may be a perfect choice for a semi-permanent sleeping option that is up and off the floor. If the Foocot gets used a lot, than the price might not seem quite so high.

Bottom line – we have only ever seen one other portable sleeping solution for children that wasn’t a straight sleeping bag. Foocot is an all original, fantastic sleeping solution – and unlike anything else we’ve ever seen in the category.

We absolutely, positively love Joovy’s Foocot! Your child will no longer have to sack-out on a dirty hotel floor or at dusty Grandma and Grandpa’s. Foocot is so easy to use, and your child will love sleeping in it. Foocot is the height of functionality – it can be used everywhere, and it is absolutely durable – it won’t break down after a few uses. The price is high – there is no getting around that, but if you are in the market for the best on-the-go sleeping option for your child you needn’t look any further – Foocot is it! We see a lot of items come through our hallowed halls each week and very few capture the love, fun and imagination of our staff quite the way Foocot did. Foocot should definitely be a part of your travel gear!

Manufacturer: Joovy
Recommended Age: Children up to 48" tall or 75 lbs.
Retail Price: $69.99
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