K’NEX Mario Kart Wii Mario and his Standard Kart Building Set

Build Mario and his Standard Kart from Mario Kart Wii! Includes a buildable Mario figure, a banana peel item, plus a pull-back motor and K’NEX pieces to build his standard kart, exactly like in the game. Collect them all and race your friends! The package can be re-used as a ramp for even more after-building fun. For ages 6+

K’NEX’s Mario Kart Wii Mario and his Standard Kart Building Set is targeted towards kids that are 6 years and older. Working with kids of a variety of ages we found that the older the child the easier this set was to work with. Kids on the younger side of the age range are going to definitely need some assistance assembling. The directions that are included are definitely detailed and easy to follow, especially for parents helping build. One thing is for sure, kids love Marion and love Mario Kart, and none were willing to give up their turn building!

K’NEX Mario Kart builds pretty much like your standard block-building sets. We did find that some of the pieces tend to pop-off a bit easier than others, especially during play time after assembly. Add that to the fact that the set includes lots of little pieces, and there was some concern by the team that pieces could easily be misplaced or lost. If you have kids that care for their block building sets, and do a good job keeping track of all of the pieces, this isn’t much of a concern. However if your kids are like our kids, little pieces tend to find their way in seat cushions and under the couch – so you’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on building areas so no pieces are left behind!

Five starts isn’t enough! If you have a Mario lover in your family they are going to go off the wall for this awesome building set! Kids can build it, then pull back on the cart to let if drive off! It looks fun to build, it looks awesome completed, and it looks like a blast to play with! Excellent Visual Appeal!

We love toys that kids have to work on to play with, and this amazing set from K’NEX fits the bill. Kids will enjoy the building process, they’ll enjoy admiring their work, and they’ll enjoy playing with Mario and his Kart!

In a blind survey our team priced this set right around $10. With a suggested retail price of $19.99 this was priced considerably higher than our team would have expected. There are other characters and karts on the market, and your child is going to want to add to his collection. With a price tag at $20 some of the parents on our review team felt like it was just a bit too expensive to open up to.

Of course this isn’t the first building block set we’ve ever come across. And of course, this isn’t the first Mario toy we’ve ever seen. But combining the two is definitely new for this year – and just in time for holiday season! The kids we worked with loved this set – and we love a new twist on classic building block toys!

Overall our team really enjoyed building and playing with Mario and his Kart – and we’re betting your kids will too! The set is easy to use for kids that are older than 6 or 7, looks amazing, and packs in a lot of functional building and play time. Cost is a bit higher than we would have liked, and be prepared for the kart to smash into walls around the house and come apart – so there are some durability (and missing pieces) issues. All in all, if you have a Mario fan in your home, you aren’t going to find a more perfect non-video-game gift anywhere!

Manufacturer: K'NEX Brands
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Retail Price: $19.99
On the Web: www.knex.com
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