Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set Product Review

Have fun and learn with Art 101! The Kids 179 Piece Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set includes 48 crayons, 48 oil pastels, 24 color pencils, 18 watercolor cakes, 12 broad line markers, ten sheets of white paper, four large clips, three paper clips, one sketch pencil, one paint brush, one ruler, one eraser, one color wheel, one palette, one sharpener, one sponge, one white watercolor, one pop-up double sided easel, a trifold organizer case, and one Art 101 Learning Guide to give guidance to beginner artists. The easel can be used on both sides – perfect for sharing!

The Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set (shortened title!) includes tons and tons of art supplies – there really is no other way to put it! From crayons to markers to paints and everything in between – this set has it all. Pop it open, pop up the easel, clip in some paper and step back – your kids can handle the rest! You may have to help with a little clean-up for younger kids, but really it doesn’t get much easier than this set!

We found no durability issues as our team worked their way through the art set. There are lots and lots of pieces, so kids on the younger side of the spectrum may have trouble replacing and keeping track of all tools. Otherwise there is a place for everything for easy storage. The only thing keeping this set from earning 5 stars in durability is the fact that eventually the markers will run out, the crayons will run thin, and you may have to replace them – but that will be after lots and lots of use! As we said – no real durability concerns.

The Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set looks absolutely amazing! No question, it has the look and feel of a “grown-up” art set – and that is more than appealing to kids! In truth, the The Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set would be a nice starter set for artists of all ages, as we quickly found out by just how excited some of the budding adult artists on our team got!

The purpose of a beginner set of any kind is to introduce your kids to the concepts and the fun. With the The Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set your kids are going to have their chance to try working with all different types of art supplies – pencils, crayons, markers, water colors, pastels and more. Add that to the unlimited ends of your child’s creative mind and the functionality for this set is off the chart.

There are an awful lot of pieces in this art set – 179 to be exact…and when our team started considering prices, they definitely didn’t start on the low end. On the other hand, many on our team were a bit hesitant to commit to spending big dollars on an art set for their little ones. Well – it seems that the Art 101 folks just may have been in on our little meeting when they set the pricing. In a blind survey our team priced the Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set right around $25. With a retail price of $24.99 – this set is spot on! Very fairly priced.

We have seen other arts and crafts sets for kids before, so the concept isn’t entirely unique. However, we have not seen any others that are quite this comprehensive when it comes to introducing children to a wide variety of artistic tools – and we love that! Your kids will get to experiment with so many different pieces, and that is what is truly unique about this set!

We can’t hold back – we absolutely love when our kids have a chance to create, use their imagination and get their hands a bit dirty. The Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set meets all of those goals head on – and a whole lot more! The set is certainly easy to use, and with a bit of proper care will last plenty long. The functionality is unlimited and the price is perfect. Inspire your kids! Get their artistic minds working! Give them the tools to unlock their creative side! The Art 101 Kids 179 Piece Set is one of those tools!

Manufacturer: Art 101 USA
Recommended Age: 6 years - 15 years
Retail Price: $24.99
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