Cyco Cycle 3-Wheeled Action Sports Vehicle from DYNACRAFT BSC Product Review

Designed and built for kids and grown kids-at-heart, the Cyco Cycle is a sturdy and rugged trike-unicycle hybrid the whole family can enjoy. There are no handlebars, so you steer with your legs, but it’s incredibly sturdy and tough enough for rough riding. With front and rear quick-grab handles and a cantilevered adjustable unicycle-style seat, the Cyco cycle offers steady, even balance on all three wheels. The multi-tread design makes for secure traction on any surface, including pavement, grass, and dirt. The rear step bar features grip tape and a non-slip surface so riders can give a friend a lift. It’s also incredibly mobile–the Cyco Cycle has a 20-inch folding steel frame with locking quick-release catch that fits in the trunk or back seat, closet or under the bed so you can take it, or store it, just about anywhere.


  • 3-wheel trike for kids and adults
  • 20-inch steel folding frame with locking quick-release latch
  • Unicycle=style saddle with dual grab-handles and cantilevered adjustable seat
  • Sturdy steel seatpost
  • BMX-style pneumatic tires
  • Instantly folds flat for easy transport and storage; fits in the trunk or back seat, closet, under bed
  • Front and rear quick-grab handles, cantilevered seat post for even balance between all three wheels
  • Multi-tread design for secure traction on pavement, grass, and dirt surfaces
  • Rear step bar with grip-tape; non-slip surface for giving a friend a lift
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up

Ease of use…ease of use…this doesn’t seem like a fair category for something that is a cross between a unicycle a tricycle and a whole ball of extreme-style fun! As they say…we are what we are…so here goes….First off, the Cyco Cycle needs a bit of assembly, but nothing a somewhat handy Mom or Dad and an over-anxious pre-teen can’t handle. In about 10 minutes time you’ll have fully and properly assembled the Cyco Cycle and the fun can begin.

Now, the fun that we speak of is all in the riding. The first time you sit on a Cyco Cycle you’ll be surprised at just how easy it does seem to ride. Sitting in the seat and pedaling is more comfortable than you might expect, standing on the back bar and riding as a scooter isn’t difficult, and somewhat surprisingly neither is turning while sitting or standing.

However, if the Cyco Cycle was built for kids who just want to ride normally, well, they wouldn’t exactly sell too many! The Cyco Cycle is an extreme action sports kid’s dream come true! The tricks, turns, spins and stunts are endless (really endless – have you ever seen a few kids with some time on their hands and a killer ride like this go to work with their imagination?!). However, to pull off tricks and stunts that would rank from beginner to advanced isn’t exactly easy. In fact – they may be a bit more difficult than your average bicycle or scooter tricks simply because there is a learning curve here.

So – all in all – easy to set-up, easy to start riding, difficult to kick tricks how your kids will want to right out of the gate.

We had our Cyco Cycles run through the works. In our book that includes assembly, riding, dropping, falling, riding, kicking, flipping, spinning, riding…you get the idea. We found no major durability issues whatsoever. Properly assembled the Cyco Cycle will hold up well, and it took quite the beating from our team.

At first glance kids and adults just don’t know what to quite make of the Cyco Cycle, but they all know one thing – they want to ride it! Cyco Cycle has a totally unique look, combining the best of BMX bikes, scooters, tricycles and unicycles – and to watch someone ride it is to fall in love! Cyco Cycle absolutely looks like a blast (for the record it is), and in this case the looks don’t lie!

Oh – I don’t know…ride it like a tricycle, ride it like a unicycle, ride it like a scooter, and create trick after trick after trick….It just doesn’t get more functional than that!

Bicycles can cost between $100 and $200. A good scooter can cost between $50 and $150. Unicycles can cost….well…no…we don’t really know what a unicycle costs, do we?! We do know this – with a retail price of just under $100, the Cyco Cycle feels priced about right. Remember, this is a totally new concept and product, so it is hard to comparison shop. However, it’s made well, feels as sturdy as good bicycle or scooter, and really falls into that category. For some of the folks on the review team a $100 investment in a somewhat unknown quantity felt a bit steep, but for those of us that had the chance to ride and enjoy, the $100 price tag seemed just about right.

Have you ever seen anything like the Cyco Cycle?! We’ve seen bicycles. We’ve seen skateboards. We’ve seen scooters. But we have never, ever, ever seen anything that looks or rides like the Cyco Cycle! Need we say more in the originality department?

Talk about the Cyco Cycle and you are talking about awesome, extreme fun! First off, out of the box and onto the road takes just minutes – and in just minutes of riding you’ll feel pretty comfortable working your way around! Cyco Cycle really is durable – as durable as any street bicycle or scooter. It is super functional – limited only by gravity and a kid’s own imagination. Cyco Cycle looks as amazing as it is to ride, and it is certainly fairly priced. We couldn’t love Cyco Cycle any more than we already do – and we’re pretty sure your extreme, action-hungry, fun-loving kids will too!

Oh – one last thing – WEAR YOUR HELMET WHEN YOU RIDE!

Manufacturer: DYNACRAFT BSC, Inc.
Recommended Age: 13 years and up
Retail Price: $99.00
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