Bleacher Creatures Plush Toys & Hand Puppets – NFL, MLB & More!

Bleacher Creatures are plush characterizations and puppets of your favorite professional athletes all dressed up and ready for action in the uniforms of your favorite sports teams! All products are officially licensed by their corresponding professional leagues. Bleacher Creatures mission is providing the toys and collectibles that connect young fans (and the young-at-heart) to their favorite teams and sports icons, encouraging fun, inspiration and play. Plush sizes include 14″ and 7″.

How difficult to use could they be, right?! We are talking about absolutely adorable plush figures (or stuffed animals if you will) of your favorite football and baseball stars! There are also hand puppets available to make the play even more fun. With Bleacher Creatures your child’s imagination will run wild! They can pretend they are in a game, pretend to play with their buddy, or just bring them along for their own fun times like a good old stuffed animal! Easy as can be!

So – are these designed for the little ones of their Moms and Dads?! We had a heated debate over the Derek Jeter Bleacher Creature – and needless to say one of our grown-ups won out! Whether you think that Bleacher Creatures are more for parents than kids, or more for kids than parents, you aren’t going to have to worry about durability. Regardless who plays with a Bleacher Creature they will last long – no durability concerns.

This was another fun one to throw around the old office. On one hand, let’s be honest here, Bleacher Creatures only sort of look like the athlete they are designed for…On the other hand, Bleacher Creatures are absolutely adorable! So yes, while our Troy Polamalu Puppet has some crazy hair – it isn’t exactly like Troy Polamalu’s crazy hair. But all in all – we think that’s ok! Bleacher Creatures have enough resemblance to the players they are modeled after to pass a kids inspection – and with the actual licensed uniforms and logos they really do look fantastic!

Sure you can play pretend with all of these guys…and sure you can take the pretend play even further with the hand-puppets. But there really is no way to stretch the functionality here…Bleacher Creatures are as usable as stuffed animals – which translates to as functional as your child’s imagination can make them.

Almost inevitably, when our review team sits down to start pricing an item, the $20 threshold is mentioned Thankfully and happily – Bleacher Creatures gets that. In a blind survey we priced the 7″ plush around $10 and the 14″ plush and hand puppets around $20. With actual retail prices of $11.99 for the 7″ Bleacher Creature and $21.99 for the 14″ Bleacher Creature and Hand Puppet our team couldn’t have been more pleased. These guys are priced well within the birthday gift range, and the smaller plush is the perfect add on to a sports themed present. Perfectly priced!

We’ve seen stuffed animals – say bears or what have you – wearing your favorite teams logo, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. In truth, the first time you set your eyes on a Bleacher Creature you just have to smile and laugh. They are adorable, and silly, and fun – when our team got their hands on the creatures everyone was laughing away the afternoon! We’re pretty sure they’ll bring a smile to your child’s face too!

If you have any connection to any major sports team – NFL, MLB and NHL – then there is a Bleacher Creature perfect for you. First off they are just so cute – no denying it! They are made well to last long, and are fun for little kids (and big kids) to carry around and play with. Bleacher Creatures priced their plush toys perfectly so you won’t feel like you are wasting big time dollars when you pick one up. Bottom line kids with a favorite sports team (and their Moms and Dads too) are going to love to have a Bleacher Creature to call their own!

Manufacturer: Bleacher Creatures Toy
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: 14" Plush - $21.99, 7" Plush - $11.99, Hand Puppet - $21.99
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