SqwishLand Frog SqwishLand Parrot

DIY SqwishLand Parrot or Frog

SqwishLand Frog SqwishLand Parrot

Choose the Parrot or Frog and paint your very own rare SqwishLander! Each box set includes a 5″ unpainted SqwishLand character, six acrylic paints and one brush. Use the included code to unlock the online gallery at www.SqwishLand.com/diy to register and post your one-of-a-kind soft ‘n squishy design for all to see! The online community at SqwishLand.com votes on a favorite DIY design each month. Winning designs could even become the next Rare SqwishLander in the game and on store shelves! An Artist’s Guide and detailed instructions are included.

DIY SqwishLand characters are absolutely, 100% easy to use! No question about it! Out of the box, onto an art table (or at least a table covered with some newspaper) and your kids will be creating and decorating their one-of-a-kind SqwishLand creature all on their own. The colorful array of acrylic paints apply to the character easily and dry fairly fast.

Once the character is complete your kids are going to be proud – and if you are ready to get involved you can totally go next level with DIY SqwishLand designs – and we encourage it because the next step is easy too! Sit down with your little one at the computer and you can explore the online world of www.SqwishLand.com. On the website you can register your design, play games, and here’s the coolest – upload your child’s DIY SqwishLand design for the world to see! SqwishLand says that some designs may even end up in online games or on store shelves! Even if that never happens to your child’s design, they will be so proud to see their design in the gallery – and you’ll be pleased at how easy the uploading process is!

No durability questions here. DIY SqwishLand characters aren’t quite as squishy as their tiny counterparts, but that is probably a good thing to be able to apply paint easier.

Awesome Visual Appeal! The first thing you’ll notice, and your kids will too, is the cool packaging. You can easily see and select which character your child will design – either the Parrot or the Frog (sold separately), and then the painting fun begins. There is an Artist’s Guide include for a few directions and some inspiration – but we’re pretty sure that won’t be a problem! Once your child sits down with the character and the paint – they’ll know just how to create the perfect visual masterpiece straight from their own imaginations!

It’s a collectible, it’s an art project and it’s entre to a wonderful, fun online community designed just for kids. Now that’s some functionality for you!

Uh-oh – the dreaded Cost Efficiency category is ready to rear its ugly head, right? Wrong! With a suggested retail price of just $9.99 our review team could not have been more pleased! Look – this is a simple art project that has some added functionality thrown in – we get that – and we are so happy to see the folks from SqwishLand get it too! With a price tag of $9.99 they are telling parents they understand that not every toy should cost $20. At $20 – many members of our team would have said “uh-uh – overpriced”, but at $9.99 we saw smiling adults and heard comments like “finally” and “oh – that’s perfect”! Good job SqwishLand – we’re proud of you!

SqwishLand Sqwishies have been taking the world of kid-dom by storm for the last few years. With the development of their online community, iPhone and iPad apps, and now the DIY sets, you can see that the folks from SqwishLand are satisfied sitting by while their fad dies out. By creating useful, interesting websites, games, art projects and more you can see that SqwishLand is staying on top of their game and ahead of the pack. Sure kids have painted other projects before, but by combining a cool collectible that kids already love with an art project we think they added a super original twist.

It’s a five star sweep for DIY SqwishLand – and that doesn’t happen every day! Easy to use, durable, functional, original and perfectly priced are not something we can say about too many toys that pass through our facility! Your kids already love SqwishLand characters, and with DIY they get to take the design process home. They’ll love the creating – you’ll love the price tag. And if you choose to take it online – your child will have a world of fun to explore!

Manufacturer: SqwishLand, LLC
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $9.99
On the Web: www.SqwushLand.com
Buy It Here: