CitiBlocs Little Builders

CitiBlocs Little Builder Rattle Blocs – Building Blocks for Little Hands!

For the little builders who aren’t quite able to build skyscrapers but want to try. This sweet 22-piece set gets future engineers or architects dreaming big! Rattle blocks, steps and triangular roof pieces are chunky for little fingers and hollow – with a wooden marble that makes a rattle sound tucked inside. With no small parts and made with water-based paints, these pine pieces are designed to be the perfect first building block set. Comes with 4 Steps, 4 Squares, 4 Roofs, and 10 Rattle Blocks which are precision-cut and eco-friendly.

How could building blocks be not so easy to use? Funny you should ask – we were just about to tell you! Building blocks can be very difficult when they are made small and you have little hands trying to build with them. Remember, toddlers and little kids are at a point in their lives where the fine motor skills just aren’t there yet. With that in mind, these chunky, larger CitiBlocs Little Builders are perfect for their smaller hands to hold, pick-up, place down and build with! Blocks that are smaller fall over easier when not perfectly placed…CitiBlocs Little Builders blocks are super-easy for little ones to work with!

No durability issues here. CitiBlocs Little Builders blocks are 100% pine and are ready to stand up to all the building (translation=dropping, banging, throwing) your little ones will throw at them. Not sure if it necessarily falls into the durability category, but we also love the carrying case – large enough to fit all of the blocks in, not too large to store at home, and the perfect way to keep track of all of your pieces.

Super-duper cute! CitiBlocs have always has a more simplistic style and design. That certainly holds true here – even with the introduction of some specialty pieces such as roofs and stairs and their bright fun colors. To take it up a notch and to keep little ones even more engaged, CitiBlocs added 10 Rattle Blocks to the mix which make just enough noise to keep your child’s eyes on the project!

How much more functional can you get than blocks? With CitiBlocs Little Builders your child is given the tools to create a cityscape, home, tower, castle, or building all of their own imagination! The colors are fun, the sounds are engaging – and your child will not run out of options or ideas when working with this set.

With a suggested retail price of $35 CitiBlocs Little Builders are not an inexpensive product. In fact, many of the parents we spoke with felt that the price tag was simply too high. Yes – there are other block sets out there for half the price – and yes some of them are pretty good. On the other hand – CitiBlocs have a certain style, are made well, and are really, really engaging for little ones. Between the colors, the rattle, and all of the included pieces, kids really enjoy playing with them – and that is what matters most.

Yes, we have all seen building blocks before – so we can’t say that CitiBlocs Little Builders are a brand new concept in the world of toys. CitiBlocs new that too of course, and when they made the Little Builders line it was obvious that they wanted to add some special features made just for little ones. First off, the size of the blocks makes them large enough for little hands to handle, but not too heavy to pick up. The included pieces practically direct your child into building, and the soft rattling is sure to hold their attention. How do you make building blocks original? Ask CitiBlocs – they did it!

We absolutely love products that engage children and get them working to create using their imagination. CitiBlocs Little Builders does just that! Designed for their little hands and their young minds, CitiBlocs Little Builders includes pieces that will have your kids creating in no time. They are made strong to last, and the building options are limitless. Yes, the Little Builders set is an expensive item, there is no denying that. On the other hand, if you can afford the price, you aren’t going to find a better made, more functional building block set out there that is custom tailored for younger children. Forget the frustration that comes along with little hands trying to work with older kids building blocks – CitiBlocs Little Builders is the perfect set designed just for them! Five stars in our book for sure!

Manufacturer: CitiBlocs, LLC
Recommended Age: 2 years and up
Retail Price: $35.00
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