Prince Lionheart wheelyPIG

Prince Lionheart wheelyPIG Toddler Ride-On

Prince Lionheart wheelyPIG and Friends

The wheelyPIG goes forward, backwards, sideways and round and round for hours of fun! This soft and friendly ride-able toy is great for girls and boys. Children love the easy, unlimited mobility of the wheelyPIG! Designed to encourage the development of motor skills and balance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Totally new concept to encourage gross motor skills while having heaps of fun
  • Bright, soft, friendly, unisex design…. an instant attraction to little girls and boys alike
  • Small 15″ L x 9″ W x 8 “H (seat)
  • Age Recommendation:18 mos and up
  • Tough PU covering, resistant to the inevitable “little accidents,” easy to clean
  • Padded with a layer of soft sponge
  • Entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC
  • Weighs only: Small: 4lb
  • Constructed with only the highest quality components
  • Multi-directional casters, no more getting stuck against obstacles

It will take a semi-handy parent (or really – just any parent) a few quick seconds to have the wheelyPIG fully assembled and ready to roll. Then it will take a semi-coordinated toddler (or really – just any toddler) a few quick seconds to hop on board and start rolling and laughing! The seat is soft, the handle helps with balance, and the wheels roll easily in all directions on any hard surface. Easy.

One of the things we loved the most about the wheelyPIG is how durable it is. If you’ve seen as many ride-ons as we have you’ll know they all aren’t quite made the same. There are a few flimsy ride-ons out there that aren’t going to be able to stand up to the abuse it is going to take in the course of normal play. Prince Lionheart’s wheelyPIG is made strong to last long. The soft cushion will hold up to plenty of fun rides, and wipes clean easily after the inevitable spills.

Adorable. wheelyPIG is super cute, and was the first choice by many of the kids we worked with. And if you look past the wheelyPIG at the rest of the line, one is more adorable than the next. And that is appearance alone. When you take it a step further the wheelyPIG just looks fun to use!

Building off of Visual Appeal, the Functionality of the wheelyPIG really is second to none. First off, the seat is soft, cushy and comfortable for ride after ride. The handle allows little ones to easily hold on and keep their balance. And best of all the wheels swivel to roll in any and every direction, unlike traditional ride-ons that can get stuck on a wall or an obstacle.

The only issue we ran into with the wheelyPIG was the pricing. With a suggested retail price of $70, there is no question the wheelyPIG is on the expensive end of ride ons. If you’ve ever shopped for a ride on toy you know that there are some that are half the price or less. They aren’t made quite as well, they aren’t as cute, and they aren’t as usable – but they are less expensive.

Yes, there are lots and lots of ride-ons on the market. With that said, if you’ve read our reviews in the past you know that we award extra credit for originality when a toy is improved upon – and in our opinion, Prince Lionheart has done it. With it’s soft cushion and swivelling wheels we love what Prince Lionheart has added to the the world of ride ons.

Yes, the wheelyPIG is expensive, but once you get past that there is no question that Prince Lionheart has created a top quality ride-on that you and your kids are going to love. Out of the box and rolling on the floors in just a few short seconds, absolutely tops in Visual Appeal, super functional and super fun! If you can handle paying the extra dollars for a top quality product you and your little one are going to flip for this fun little pig!

Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
Recommended Age: 18 months - 3 years
Retail Price: $70.00
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