Anamalz – Wild Anamalz & Farm Anamalz Wooden Toys

Anamalz are handcrafted wooden toys, designed in Australia that are integrated with textiles that give them the ability to bend into pose-able positions. Anamalz can look up and down or left and right making playtime a creative time. Four categories make up the Anamalz line of pose-able pals: Farm, Wild, Australian and the new Prehistoric line. There are 35+ figures to collect.

An added online experience awaits Anamalz owners on their website – You can animate your pal, download wallpaper and play games only available to owners. Plus you can find tips on improving the environment and sending feedback directly to the toymakers!

Anamalz are adorable wooden figurines – perfect for collecting and playing with – so what could be difficult about them to use you ask? Nothing about playing with them, posing them and pretending with them. The less easy part comes in when you start letting your little ones enter their Anamalz code online and explore the amazing Anamalz online universe! Don’t get us wrong – the online world that Anamalz has created is awesome – it’s interesting, fun and informative – but these toys are designed for children ages three and up – so it’s not like they can exactly take to the computer by themselves. Parents will be involved as children navigate the online world. Again, please don’t misunderstand, we think that is a great thing – we love when toys involve learning and parents working with their kids – but when you let a child go online with their Anamalz it isn’t going to be as simple as just having them sit and play pretend with it.

Made of solid, durable wood and hand-painted, each Anamalz collectible is carefully constructed and built to last. Each Anamalz collectible is also made with some sort of textile addition that allows for posing and additional play. After hours of playing, dropping, bending and posing we saw no breakdown in materials whatsoever.

There is just something about these adorable wooden creatures that pulled our team (and the kids) right to them. And once in hand, Anamalz just feel good. They are heavy enough to feel substantial, smooth enough to fit comfortably in little hands, and pose-able enough to encourage pretend play. And all of those details are things your kids will notice before you let them explore the Anamalz online world. The online component takes the visual appeal next level for sure – as the design is clean and fun – and perfect for kids!

Pretend play. Collectible. Online functionality. Seriously – is there anything else you are looking for in a figurine?

Well…what do you do here? On one hand – we are talking about a toy that has a retail price of $8.95 that is built for pretend play and comes with a cool online component. On the other hand – some of the parents we talked to just didn’t feel that they would really use the online community – and therefore viewed Anamalz as a bit of an expensive figurine. The way we look at it – if you don’t take advantage of the online aspects of Anamalz you are missing out, but we also know how busy parenting can be. Anamalz aren’t overpriced if you take advantage of all they are offering, but if you don’t we do understand why you would prefer a bit of a lower price.

Another challenging category for us…and it all comes down to one word – Webkinz. Webkinz are collectible stuffed animals that have an online component. At one point in the Kingdom of Toys they ruled the roost. It seems to us that the time has passed on Webkinz dominance, and while we do like them, we felt things were a bit out of control.

Now Anamalz are here, and they too are collectible toys, albeit not plush, with an online component. Anamalz design is totally unique and totally refreshing. Plus the online component is designed not to get you to buy more Anamalz or spend more dollars on “onliney” things, but rather to educate and allow for fun exploration. That – we – love.

So yes, while we have seen other toys with an online component, we were definitely impressed with the originality of the Anamalz design and the originality of the Anamalz online community.

Overall we were really impressed with Anamalz. Sure, there was some debate on pricing, but the debate was on whether we would award 4 stars or 5 stars – meaning all in all we don’t find them overpriced. Anamalz are made well, and each one has a unique and interesting look. They are super-fun for kids to play pretend with – and even more fun for kids (and parents) to play with online. For a fun collectible that has the ability to teach too, look no further than the wide world of Anamalz!

Manufacturer: anamalz NA
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $8.95 each
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