PiggyBack Bandz – Kids Bracelet Bands that Stand!


PiggyBack Bandz are the Bandz That Stand! PiggyBack Bandz take the elastic bracelet to a whole new level – perpendicular to your wrist! There are currently 9 PiggyBack Bandz themes available – including 5 new and improved packs. Glam, Football, Sealife, Cool Rides and Safari feature brighter colors. The Glam, Alphabet and Extra Letters packs now come in funky tie-dye patterns. And a 9th theme – Baseball – became available just in time for opening day this past baseball season. Each pack includes 25 bandz (alphabet includes 26).

As my 5 year old has taken to saying – “easy, peasey, lemon squeezee!” Nothing difficult here! Unless you, along with your children, have been living under a rock the past few years, you have absolutely, positively been exposed to elastic bracelet bands for kids such as Silly Bandz. Now PiggyBack Bandz has taken that idea, and improved on it – building upward and outward! The only difficult thing you may encounter is trying to convince your child to not put all 25 (or 26) bands on at the same time!

No durability concerns. PiggyBack Bandz are made well to last. The only issue your kids may run into is misplacing or losing some of their bandz – otherwise no worries.

PiggyBack Bandz have a totally unique, totally eye-catching, totally cool look! Open a package, select your favorites or spell a word, and pop them on your wrist. Kids are sure to show them off, and with such a unique feature with a letter or design standing up, the rest of the gang is going to want a set for themselves.

This was actually tricky – and we almost didn’t rate PiggyBack Bandz on functionality – because after all, they are pretty much bracelets, and what do bracelets do? Well – if the bracelets in question are PiggyBack Bandz they stand up and shout! Time after time, put a PiggyBack Bandz on your wrist, and your selected letter or image stands up for all to see. That is its function – and it performs it well!

Each PiggyBack Bandz pack carries a suggested retail price of $4.99, which was definitely similar in price to Silly Bands when they hit the scene. The only problem here is that lately so many retailers have been discounting Silly Bands down to $3, $2, and even $1 that by comparison put PiggyBack Bandz on the higher priced end of the category.

Well, to call PiggyBack Bandz totally original would be a stretch (get it? elastic bands? a stretch?!). Silly Bandz took the market by storm not too long ago in a way that few have seen. However, PiggyBack Bandz took that idea and improved it. Not content to just go with the flow, PiggyBack Bandz designed a way to make these bracelets stand out from the crowd! A nice original twist on a great, fun idea!

Oh come on – kids love them and as parents we don’t mind one bit! PiggyBack Bandz are definitely easy to use and certainly durable. They are priced fairly and are sure to catch your child’s eye! Don’t believe us? Here’s a quote: “The PiggyBack Bandz are like Silly Bands but better!” Not much more that we can add to that!

Manufacturer: Fungrins, LLC
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $4.99 per pack of 25 bandz
On the Web: www.PiggyBackBandz.com
Buy It Here: