Doodle Roll from Imagination Brands – 4″ & 6″ width

Doodle Roll was designed for children 3 to 8 years old to stimulate creative play anywhere and anytime. The all-in-one kit offers 4″ wide by 15′ or 6″ wide by 30′ of rolled paper with 4 or 8 crayons included. The E-Z tear edge makes this the ideal kit to tote in the car, to a restaurant, at the doctor’s office or anytime kids can daydream.

“So cool!” “It’s like a roll of toilet paper – made out of real paper – that you are supposed to color on!” We only wish we made up the second comment – because it is really funny, and because it is kind of true! The Doodle Roll is an all in one, use any place anytime art station for kids. Roll out a length of paper, use the included crayons to color and doodle, and use the E-Z tear edge to pull off the latest drawing. Easy as can be!

Durability isn’t a question when it comes to the Doodle Roll. Yes, at some point the paper is going to roll out. However, the 4″ width includes 15′ of paper, and the 6″ includes 30′. That is a lot of roll out for doodling! Plus, the crayons store right in along with the package, so your kids shouldn’t have any trouble keeping tack of them. No durability concerns.

If you want to see the true face of amazement, all you have to do is sit a child down next to another child who is drawing and doodling with Doodle Roll. The kit looks awesome – and in use – it performs even better. Visual Appeal is top notch for certain.

Drop the Doodle Roll in your child’s backpack, place one in the car, put one in Mom’s purse this little number may be Mommy’s best little helper! Kids can roll out and doodle until their heart’s content. They can make tiny little drawings, or they can create huge landscapes and signs. Fun and functional!

Cost Efficiency is always the most debated category in our reviews – and we are so thankful to say “not this time”! At retail price points of $3.99 and $4.99 Doodle Roll is absolutely priced perfectly. Doodle Roll is priced perfectly as an add on to a present, or as a quick pick-up for your children. And with the crayons included there are absolutely no additional costs to be concerned with.

The idea seems so simple, but we’ve never seen anything quite like it – and we’re guessing you haven’t either. Crayons and a roll of paper all held in a perfectly portable case. Absolutely original!

It has been a while, but you are looking at a 5-star sweep! Doodle Roll is definitely easy-to-use, and definuitely made to last (at least until the paper runs out). In practice the Doodle Roll looks awesome, and the drawings and landscapes your kids can create are essentially endless. Kids can find plenty of ways to use Doodle Roll, so functionality is off the charts. and even after all of that, the cost may be the most exciting part! 5 stars all the way for the Doodle Roll!

Manufacturer: Imagination Brands, Co., LLC
Recommended Age: 3 years - 8 years
Retail Price: 4" - $3.99 / 6" - $4.99
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