Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart

The Woody Rocking Horse helps children develop balance, muscle strength, and coordination while having fun! In 1973, Prince Lionheart began by crafting handmade rocking horses. As a tribute to the product that started it all, they have created a simple, modern rocking horse that is sure to bring years of fun to every family.

The Woody Rocking Horse has footrests to help children balance and position themselves properly. Oversized rockers prevent tipping forwards or backwards. Made from solid birch from a FCS certified re-planted forest. Supports up to 100 pounds.

After a little assembly from Mom or Dad the Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart is up and running. And in just seconds your little one will be off to the races, riding a bucking bronco, exploring the plains, or swearing in as the new sheriff of your “home” town. Nothing complicated about Woody, kids can mount up and enjoy fun ride after fun ride. Plus with the built-in over-sized rockers your little ones should have no problems with tipping either forwards or backwards.

Made from solid birch the Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart is designed to last. Kid after kid took plenty of rides and we saw no breakdown – no cause for concern in the durability department.

Hard to imagine, but Visual Appeal was one of the most hotly debated categories in the review. On one hand, you have clean lines and classic styling – which brought plenty of Moms and Dads back to happy memories of their childhood rocking horse. The other school of thought seems to be well ingrained in the future – and was looking for more flash, more colors, more designs. Everyone the cut and shape of the horse was perfect, yet some were looking for a little more color and detail.

The sky is the limit when it comes to toys designed to get the imagination running. Kids that had active imaginations had no problem spending minutes than hours playing with Woody. Kids that weren’t so “pretend-play” driven were on Woody, then off. Maybe they’d visit again for a ride or two, but they didn’t take it to that next level. Woody definitely encourages imaginative play, and if you can help focus your child’s imagination skills they’ll find plenty of functionality here. If they are lacking in their imagination skills it may be a toy just waiting for a quick visit from your little one.

With a suggested retail price of $80.00 the Woody Rocking Horse is not inexpensive. It is made well from solid birch and fairly substantial in size. If anything, in some ways it is as close to a piece of furniture as it is to a toy. However, it isn’t inexpensive, and some parents on our team felt that it was just priced a bit too far out of their budget.

How can you call a classic toy original? It is a stretch – we know – but bear with us! When a company takes the time to honor a classic, by reproducing it, we are always happy to call it original. The lines are clean, the style is true – and put it together and you are looking at a remake of one of our favorites.  You can call it nostalgia – we’ll call it a toy we loved when we were little and hope our kids will love too.

All in all our team was impressed with the Woody Rocking Horse from Prince Lionheart. It is designed well, and is going to stand up to every ride your child takes on it. It pays homage to a classic – but not just in a way to honor and put on a shelf – but this is really a fun toy for your kids to play with. The price is definitely on the high end, and that will turn away many parents, but if you don’t mind paying a bit more you are going to be getting a quality product that will last, providing hours, days and years of fun. We love that there are no flashing lights, no sounds, no bells and no whistles….just good old fashioned cowboy fun waiting for you and your child! Yee-haw cowboys and cowgirls!

Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
Recommended Age: 1 year to 5 years old
Retail Price: $80.00
On the Web: www.princelionheart.com
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