DJ Smart-t & The Whiz Kid Crew Sight Words Volume 1 DVD

DJ Smart-T is a fun, hip monkey whose silly dance moves keep children’s attention throughout the video. He makes learning “sight words” fun! Sight Words Volume 1 is a powerful video that includes 50 “sight words”. When children can recognize words by sight, it gives them confidence when beginning to read. You will be amazed how many words your child will learn in just 4 weeks. Total run time = 29 minutes.

Aren’t DVDs great! Allright – look – if you’ve been reading us for a while now you know we aren’t big fans of plopping the kids down in front of the TV. While it is the easiest, and cheapest babysitter around, we work hard to resist the temptation. However, lets be real here…we’ve all done it. Whether we need a few minutes to scrape dinner together, fold some laundry or pick-up the other toys – that TV comes in handy and we aren’t ashamed to say we use it once in a while. But – and this is a big but (heh-heh), we are very proud to say that when we do drop the kids off in front of the television we try to have them watch something educational. Happily, DJ Smart-t & The Whiz Kid Crew were ready to oblige. Pop in the DVD and let it run – your kids get a half-hour of entertainment and you can sit with a cup of coffee and our website (we mean chores).

Like all DVDs, there should really be no durability issues. But like all DVDs your kids are going to insist on putting those grubby little fingers on them and be the ones to place it in the DVD player. With that in mind, we never give a DVD more than 4 stars in the durability department.

This was a hotly debated category at the WTS Toy Review World Headquarters. There was a very strong and vocal contingency that absolutely loved the break-dancing monkey. Not sure if it was his super-cool moves or Ally McBeal flashbacks, but this little dancing dude definitely won over some hearts. Now, the other side of the coin was the kids and parents that just sort of liked him. Nobody disliked him. We just kind of think that in today’s over-stimulated world, a break dancing monkey just didn’t break through to them. (Editor’s Note: never, ever thought we’d ever write anything close to that last sentence.) The sight words themselves are presented in a fun, unique, audio and visual way that will register with your kids – so that was definitely a plus, but when it came to the monkey some kids were over the top and some thought he was just kinda’ cool.

If you have a young one you know all about Sight Words (or “Snap Words” as my kindergartner’s teacher calls them because they have to recognize them in a snap). Sight Words are the words that you don’t read – you just know by looking at them. Examples include: the, and, in, is, it. This DVD does a great job presenting the words, spelling the words, reinforcing the words with the hopes of breaking into that memory and leaving the words in there. The only issue that we came up with is that this is all it does – repeating words over and over again so that kids can memorize them. And it does this pretty much straight through for all 29 minutes. Once your child watches it once, there isn’t anything new behind it. And at 29 minutes unless your kids have fallen in love with the music or monkey, they aren’t necessarily going to want to watch this DVD over and over again. The flip side of that is if they did fall in love with the monkey – you better watch out because you have hours and hours of repetitive sight words in your future!

In a blind survey our parents priced DJ Smart-t & The Whiz Kid Crew Sight Words Volume 1 right around $10 ($9.95 was our most popular suggested price). With an actual retail price of $13.99, we’re not far off here and most of our parents didn’t feel that the price would be too cost prohibitive. However in the world of $4 and $5 bargain bin DVDs, and with the length of this only being 29 minutes, the team thought it could have been priced at least a few dollars less.

Two firsts for us: 1. This is the first time we’ve seen a Sight Words DVD. 2. This is the first time we’ve seen a monkey break dance. Put those together and you’ve got an entirely original concept in sight word training!

This reviewer for one absolutely loved the monkey. He’s got moves that we can only dream of! Look – the DVD is designed for little kids and it is designed to repeat, reinforce, and repeat again those little sight words that your kids are going to have to learn on their journey towards reading. The DVD isn’t for you – so if you are worried that the music or the repeating of words may get on your nerves, get over it! This dancing monkey isn’t for you! What you will find is an all-original, easy-to-use, entertaining and educational DVD that will help your kids learn. Good marks all the way around for DJ Smart-t & The Whiz Kid Crew Sight Words Volume 1 DVD!

Manufacturer: Mad Skills, Inc.
Recommended Age: 2 years to 6 years
Retail Price: $13.99
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