Rubbabu Funky & Educational Ball Assortment Packs

Soft, squeezable, and colorful, Rubbabu Funky & Educational Balls make for endless hours of fun for children (and adults!), and are completely safe for both indoor and outdoor use. On the Educational Ball Assortment the raised alphabets, numerals and shapes on the surface give your child a fun and tactile way to learn. With the Funky Ball Assortment each ball is formed with a funky shape for an added bonus! Made from natural rubber foam, Rubbabu balls are completely biodegradable and as green as it gets! Each Assortment pack includes 6 Rubbabu Balls.

Finally – a toy that doesn’t need batteries, instructions or parental guidance! Hand over one of the ball assortment packs to your little ones and let the fun begin. They’ll be throwing, chasing, moving and laughing in no time!

Durability was obviously an important factor for the folks from Rubbabu when they designed these balls. Made to last both indoors and outdoors, the balls are ready to stand up to the best and worst your children can throw at them (or, uh, throw them at). 100% biodegradable, when they do reach the end of their time with you, Rubbabu balls are also good for the environment. The only durability issue we could think of was to keep the family dog away!

Bright, fun colors, and tactile unique designs. When it comes to encouraging active play for kids, Rubbabu knew what they were doing here as well. The bright colors will catch your child’s attention, and the fun, raised patters will make handling each ball that much more interesting. Yes, they are just balls, but the fun colors and soft feel will draw them in for more active play.

They are just balls, right? So what’s so functional about them? It is a fun question, and one that are team enjoyed breaking down. Basically, here is the deal: give a kid a ball and they are going to throw it. Then, they are going to go after it and pick it up. Once they have it, guess what? They are going to throw it again and start the whole process over again! Before you know it, your kids are going to be up on their feet (or crawling around) and enjoying some active play. Movement is the key here – and Rubbabu Balls help encourage that. Pretty functional if you ask us!

So…we love a lot of things about these fun little balls, but we aren’t crazy about the price one bit. Each Rubbabu Assortment Pack includes 6 balls and carries a suggested retail price of $41.70. No way around it – for a set of 6 balls for kids – that is a high price. Yes, they are well made, yes they are biodegradable, and yes they are fun to play with – but $41.70 seems quite steep. On the positive side, Rubbabu does sell each ball individually for under $7 a pop, so if you like the concept you may want to pick up one or two to start and save some dollars.

Again – when it comes down to it, Rubbabu balls are just balls. They have a great feel and design, and bright colors, and are totally green – but they still are balls. Rubbabu did force some originality into their concept, but at the end of the day it’s hard to find ways in which a ball is overly original.

Our review started off super-strong for Rubbabu Ball Assortment Packs – and if price wasn’t an issue – we would absolutely recommend these packs with our highest awards and tell everyone we know to go out and get some. They are definitely easy to use, super bright and super fun – and your kids are going to love them. Really, the only issue we had was pricing. If cost isn’t an issue to you – go for it – you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, if you are a bit more frugal with your spending, you may want to just pick up one or two Rubbabu Balls to get the fun started.

Manufacturer: Rubbabu, Inc.
Recommended Age: 6 months and up
Retail Price: $41.70
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