Headphonies Speaker from Mobi Technologies, Inc.

Headphonies are fun, affordable, ultra-portable 3-inch designer speakers that plug into your mobile device – smartphone, iPod, iPad, handheld game consoles, portable MP3 or CD player. Each design has a unique personality and attitude but they all provide the same amazingly full sound. Enjoy Headphonies wherever you go. Collect your favorite characters for even more fun. You can also link two Headphonies to your source with the optional audio splitter for fuller playback. Headphonies include a quick-charging lithium-ion battery, (four hours of play time per charge), a USB charger cord, an audio cord and a clip-tether included.

Nothing tricky here – hand one of the Headphonies over to your music hungry child and get out of the way – they’ll know just what to do. In case you actually do want to know (your kids probably won’t believe it) the package includes an audio cord for easy hook-up to their favorite device – iPod, iPad, MP3 player, etc. They’ll set the volume on the device and be rocking out to tunes for up to 4 hours thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Nothing complicated here.

Headhponies are small, portable and designed to be thrown in a purse, pocket, backpack for easy transport and use wherever and whenever. We didn’t find any major breakdown during our testing period, but in all honesty we weren’t quite as rough on these little guys as we know your kids are going to be. If your kids are careful with their electronics, there should be no real concerns. If your kids need a new MP3 player or iPod every so often, you can bet they’ll need a new Headphonies to go along with it.

5 stars just aren’t enough here! Why would your kids want a plain old boring speaker for their MP3 player when they could have one of the Headphonies? Bottom line they wouldn’t! And with so many creatively designed Headphonies characters there is certain to be at least one perfect for your kid!

Headphonies are designed to be an easy-to-use, fun, take-along speaker – and that is just what they are. They play music surprisingly well (sorry audiohpiles, not that well – but perfect for kids), they transport easily, they recharge easily, and they look super-cool! We couldn’t think of asking for anything else out of these awesome little guys.

With a suggested retail price of $24.95, Headphonies are certainly within the appropriate range for a portable speaker of this nature. We have seen other speakers that are a little bit bigger, and maybe a bit more powerful at the same pricepoint, so that does detract a little bit. On the other hand, Headphonies have become a bit of a collector’s object, so there is some added cache. In our blind survey we priced this between $15 and $20 – so not too far off at all.

As MP3 players have evolved, so have the speaker options. Obviously, Headphonies are a new take on a market that became surprisingly crowded quickly, then backed off a bit. Yes, we’ve seen other plug-in speakers before, but none quite as fun, well-designed and functional as Headphonies. One of the unique features that we loved most is the way it recharges, saving you from having to buy expensive battery after expensive battery.

What’s not too like about Headphonies? They are definitely easy to use and definitely cool to look at! In the world of portable speakers they stack up just fine in the durabilty department, which really should count for a lot. Headphonies are certainly priced fairly and would be an appropriate purchase for kids aged 8 and up. And most importantly Headphonies work! Your kids are going to love rocking out to their favorite tune using their new favorite little speaker! Trust us – it’s cool. Just don’t tell them we told you!

Manufacturer: Mobi Technologies, Inc.
Recommended Age: 8 years and up
Retail Price: $24.95
On the Web: www.getmobi.com
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