Lost Puppies Cooperative Board Game from Peaceable Kingdom

Lost Puppies is a¬†cooperative game of logic and luck!¬† Here, puppy puppy! Players try to find the lost puppies and bring them home before night falls. Be careful – the road is blocked and it’s getting dark! Turn over cards, one by one, to find the puppies and open up a path to home. Get them home and you all win!

Children will learn:
– Strategy
– Problem Solving
– Linear Thinking
– Social Development
– Cooperation

All Peaceable Kingdom Press cooperative games are printed with soy-based inks on FSC paper and include parts made only with recycled plastics.

Lost Puppies is another outstanding Cooperative Board Game designed just for kids! The set-up is quick, the learning curve is brief, and in no time your kids will be out working together and searching for the lost puppies. We were especially pleased with the fact that Peaceable Kingdom includes three different sets of rules for playing the game in three different ways, for three different levels of player. We were happy to see all that it took was one practice run through and all the kids in our group (of various) ages had the concept down and were ready to play on their own.

There are no major durability concerns when it comes to Lost Puppies. The only issue we could foresee is losing some of the cards. If you have kids that care for their toys and games well, shouldn’t be a problem. If you have kids like the rest of us in the world, you are going to start to find game cards all over the house! The key to added durability for Lost Puppies is working with your kids to clean up!

Super cute artwork and fun game play make this a hit in the Visual Appeal category. The design of the game board and the fun drawings had the kids happily playing. And the Cooperative Game play, which is unfortunately still a concept too many kids aren’t familiar with, caught more than an eye or two from kids that weren’t playing at first. Watching other kids work together, laughing and having fun definitely brought more to the table – and that speaks volumes!

Lost Puppies plays well. Kids have to think, have to strategize and have to work together to win. Unlike some games, where there is always a single winner and always losers, Lost Puppies puts everyone in the same boat – either everyone wins or everyone loses. And we were surprised (and not at all disappointed) to see that the kids don’t always win. That teaches an important lesson and makes winning more fun for all when it does happen. Plus with the game designed for different levels of skill, Lost Puppies can be played by kids at a varying range of ages.

In our blind survey our parents priced Lost Puppies right between $15 and $20 – so imagine their surprise when they found out the actual retail price is $14.99. Yes, this is a game that isn’t only priced fair, it is priced slightly lower then expected. How’s that for a breath of fresh air?!

We are finally starting to play more and more Cooperative Games which we love! But that doesn’t mean for one second that they are all the same. In Lost Puppies kids are going to have to meet challenges and work together to overcome them that they have most likely never seen in a board game before. All original and all fun!

It really would be difficult to not like Lost Puppies. First of all, it is a game that kids will be able to pick up and play quickly. Next, other than misplacing a card or two there are no real durability concerns. Add in better than fair pricing and you have the makings of something special. But that is just the beginning. Lost Puppies is fun to play – and it is of cooperative design. This means that kids are going to enjoy themselves while they work together! Talk about a new concept in gaming! We love Lost Puppies, and we’re very confident you and your kids will as well!

Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Retail Price: $14.99
On the Web: www.peaceablekingdom
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