HABA Spilling Funnel Baudino

Exclusively from HABA! Makes great art on sand! Bake, bake a cake! First fill in sand and water, then garnish a sand cake, spill castles or draw funny traces. – Baudino by HABA

Fill it with sand and water and you are off! Kids even on the youngest end of the age range are going to have no problem working with this awesome Spilling Funnel from HABA. With the Spilling Funnel make kids can make a sand cake, spill out a castle, write their name or create with limitless possibilities! Easy for sure!

Well – it is a beach or sand toy. And if you’ve ever played with beach or sand toys for a long time you know they don’t exactly last forever. With that said – in our play we saw no breakdown. And if you as the parent take the time to rinse out the funnel after use, and bring it indoors instead of leaving it in a sand box, you’ve got a great chance at making it last. If not, expect it to have the same life span of many of your beach toys – which is one season.

At first glance the Spilling Funnel doesn’t look all that special. That is the case when you see it in the packaging or in a bucket. Once this little funnel starts working its magic, your kids (and quite frankly you yourself) are going to be amazed! The Spilling Funnel offers a whole new way to play in the sand – and the results look awesome!

For a sand toy, the Spilling Funnel is definitely pretty functional, offering your kids endless design possibilities. However, it is a sand toy, and without a beach or sandbox nearby, there isn’t much hope of enjoying in the fun.

This, as always, garnered lots of conversation from our team. First off, everyone had to accept that there would be a beach or sandbox in their vicinity – thereby eliminating the “well, what if we aren’t going to the beach” question. Next, it was time to compare it price wise to other beach toys. Depending on the set or item you are willing to buy for your kids, this is a bit more expensive, especially for just one funnel. On the other hand, it is made well, and if going to give your kids a different style of play to enjoy. It is different, and you are going to partially play for that originality.

Speaking of originality….HABA’ Spilling Funnel is a really cool new twist on a sand toy! We’ve seen buckets and shovels and sifters and rakes, we’ve even seen other funnels…but we’ve never seen any sand toy quite like this. Its totally unique design allows kids to play, create, write and draw – all in the sand. Super-original!

HABA’s Spilling Funnel Baudino really is a cool toy and a great addition to your child’s sand toy collection. They’ll be creating pieces of sand art like never before! It’s easy to use, durable as far as sand toys go, and pretty affordable. If you are going to be spending time at the beach, your kids will love to pack this little funnel to take along!

Manufacturer: HABA / Maukilo
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Retail Price: $10.88
On the Web: www.maukilo.com
Buy It Here: